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Domidium Unleashes Metal Fury with "Beyond"
Prepare yourself, metalheads, for a relentless assault on your eardrums! Hailing from the icy depths of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Domidium has already taken you "Beyond" with their latest release. This album, which dropped on May 19th, 2023, under the banner of Twin Town Tyrant Records, has been wreaking havoc on the metal scene for the past month and a half.
Carefully engineered by loads of experience, nasty riffs, piercing solos, powerful drums, thundering bass, and fierce, soaring vocals, Domidium has taken listeners on a journey of intense highs, sorrowful lows, and mosh pits of madness. This is an album that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go, leaving you breathless and craving more.
From the very first note, Domidium unleashes an onslaught of sonic fury that will make your heart race and your head spin. Their influences, ranging from the mighty Judas Priest to the ferocious power of The Haunted and the legendary Testament, shine through in every riff and scream. "Beyond" is an album that pays homage to the classics while forging its own path of sonic destruction.
If you haven't already embarked on this metal odyssey, now is the time to join the legions of fans who have been swept away by Domidium's ferocious blend of power, precision, and pure metal madness. Get ready to be blown away by tracks like "The Shrike", "Mosh Pits of Madness" and "Stout and Steel".
While you're caught in the grip of their sonic onslaught, make sure to follow Domidium on their social media channels. Their Facebook page is a hub of metal mayhem, where you can stay up to date on their latest exploits and interact with fellow fans. For a behind-the-scenes look at the band's journey, their Instagram account is a must-follow. And if you want to support the band directly, their Bandcamp page is a treasure trove of heavy goodness.
Domidium has already set the metal world ablaze with "Beyond", and there's no sign of them slowing down. So, if you're ready to be taken on a metal journey like no other, strap yourself in and let Domidium guide you to the edge of sanity and beyond.
Join the legions of Domidium's dedicated followers and brace yourself for a metal experience like no other. The Shrike has already struck, and you won't want to miss it!