Inner Torture - Fear


Inner Torture: Unleashing Fury and Conquering the Metal Realm!

Inner Torture - Fear
Prepare yourself for a thrashing experience like no other as Inner Torture, the formidable Thrash metal force, rises from the shadows to dominate the metal universe. Formed in the unholy year of 2012, this relentless band has faced numerous trials and tribulations, but emerged stronger and fiercer than ever.
At its inception, the original lineup comprised Cédric on the drums, Alex and David shredding on the guitars, Jean François wielding the bass, and the fearsome Laurence "Okko" commanding the vocals. Together, they unleashed a sonic assault that sent shockwaves through the metal community.
However, the path to metal glory was not without its challenges. Inner Torture weathered storm after storm, battling through health issues and lineup changes. In 2016, the departure of Alex dealt a heavy blow, but fate had other plans. Enter Fabrice "Evilfrimost" on the bass and Nico on vocals, two seasoned warriors who brought newfound strength and stability to the band.
In 2018, Inner Torture's indomitable spirit earned them a coveted spot as the opening act for the legendary Graveyard Festival. Their electrifying performance set the stage on fire and cemented their position as a force to be reckoned with.
But the journey wasn't over yet. In 2019, Nico departed to focus on his other project, Schrapnel, leaving a void in the ranks. However, fate works in mysterious ways, and Okko, who had never stopped making music, returned to the fold in June. Her reentry brought a whole new dimension to the band, propelling them forward at lightning speed.
In a whirlwind of creativity, Inner Torture's debut EP, "STAIN," was recorded and set to unleash its ferocity upon the world in September 2020. This monumental release embodies the band's signature blend of Thrash, Death, Black, Hardcore, and Classic influences, delivering an explosive sonic experience that captivates and enraptures.
With a stable lineup and an unyielding determination, Inner Torture stands ready to conquer stages and hearts alike. Their music, simple yet devastatingly effective, weaves together diverse influences, creating a tapestry of sonic mayhem firmly rooted in the essence of Thrash.
Now, armed with unwavering determination and an insatiable hunger for metal glory, Inner Torture is poised to unleash its energy upon the masses. Brace yourselves for the onslaught, for the age of Inner Torture has arrived, and it's time to bow down to the new masters of Thrash.
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The time has come to embrace the chaos, the fury, and the unbridled power of Inner Torture. Join them on this epic odyssey through the realms of Thrash and witness the birth of a new era in the world of metal. 
Let the headbanging Begin!