Red Cain - Fisher King


Red Cain Rises: A Metallurgical Masterpiece Takes the Stage!

Calgary, Canada's metal scene is ablaze with excitement as Red Cain ignites a molten fury of sound, earning them a nomination for the prestigious YYC Music Award for "Metal Recording of The Year". Their incendiary single "Fisher King", featured on their third full-length album "NÄE'BLISS", has thrust them into the spotlight, alongside fellow metal maestros Osyron, Syryn, Balrogath, and Carlos Cruz Project.
Vocalist Evgeniy Zayarny shares his thoughts on the nomination, "It's a great honor to be once again nominated for the prestigious YYC Metal Recording of the Year award. One of our key values as a band has always been to recognize the contribution of our home scene to our success, and to celebrate the massive presence of local talent in Calgary, our home city".
YYC Music Awards - Metal Recording of The Year 2023 Nominees:
"Fisher King" holds a special place in the band's heart as it is a track that takes them back to their musical roots after three albums. It's a track that truly embodies the essence of Red Cain, making this nomination a testament to their unwavering dedication to their craft.
Their latest album "NÄE'BLISS" unveils an epic journey through the mythical world of Robert Jordan's fantasy epic "The Wheel of Time". Brace yourselves for a dark and captivating experience, where grimdark edges meet down-tuned guitars, and death and power prog metal influences collide with an unrelenting march forward.
"A labour of love and technique, this record is much more stripped down, aggressive, and heavier than our previous releases - while retaining the unique Red Cain sound", the band explains. With virtuoso guitarist Samuel Ridout and backup vocalist Kalie Yan joining the ranks, Red Cain has delved into tech-death and prog, forging a path inspired by bands like Tesseract and Meshuggah. Their music is an auditory feast that marries the grandeur of epic black metal with the intricate nuances of progressive metal.
Evgeniy Zayarny's expressive vocal performance, combined with the mesmerizing melodies and searing guitar solos, will enchant fans of Kamelot, Symphony X, Myrath, Powerwolf, Mastodon, and The Contortionist. The band's conceptual homage to the Wheel of Time series unleashes a visceral journey, and it is clear that Red Cain's creative vision shines brighter than ever.
So, fellow metalheads, prepare yourselves to ride forward in another turn of the Wheel. Celebrate the brilliance and chaos of Red Cain's "NÄE'BLISS" and let the power of their music reign supreme.
Stay tuned as Red Cain takes the metal world by storm, forging a path that leads them ever closer to greatness. The YYC Music Award awaits, and the fire of Red Cain burns brighter than ever before!
Red Cain is:​
Evgeniy Zayarny - Vocals
Samuel Ridout - Guitars
Tyler Corbett - Guitars
Kalie Yan - Bass, Vocals
Taylor Gibson - Drums