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Stygian Fair Unleashes "Aradia": A Heavy Metal Odyssey with a Nordic Twist

Hold on tight, metalheads, because Sweden's Stygian Fair is about to unleash their latest opus upon the world. Prepare to be enthralled by "Aradia," their highly anticipated fourth full-length album, set to be released in August via Rockshots Records. This Nordic powerhouse has been steadily building their reputation with previous releases like "Equilibrium" (2021), "Nadir" (2020), and their debut masterpiece, "Panta Rei" (2018).
Formed in the legendary town of Umeå, Stygian Fair has undergone some lineup changes, welcoming new vocalist/guitarist Andreas Stoltz (Binary Creed, Hollow) into the fold, alongside Emil Holmqvist (Guitar), Anders Hedman (Bass), and P-O Jonsson (Drums). Their music, a tantalizing blend of old and new, weaves heavy, ponderous melodies into an epic metal soundscape that will leave you craving for more.
"The fans will recognize the distinct Stygian Fair style on this album. We've crafted a collection of strong tracks that showcase our versatility," declares the band.
"Aradia" features ten tracks of AOR melodic metal, transcending mere notes and rhythms to transport listeners on a journey where emotion and imagery intertwine.
"We rely on captivating melodies, and our rhythm section has always been the backbone of our sound. With Andreas on board, we had more freedom to experiment with guitar parts, which adds an exciting dimension to this album. Rest assured, our loyal fans won't be disappointed with 'Aradia'!"
A monument of honest metal, "Aradia" pays no heed to passing trends. Stygian Fair follows their own path, playing what they love and creating music that speaks to their souls. From softer, introspective ballads to heavy-hitting anthems, each track offers a unique experience, catering to fans of bands like Rush, Memento Mori, or Tad Morose.
"Aradia" is an album that will keep you coming back for more, time and time again. It's heavy, it's metal, and it's an unfiltered expression of our souls. Beauty, sadness, anger, loss, and longing are all encapsulated within its sonic tapestry—themes that will resonate with you. Because, dear fans, you matter to us. Why else would we embark on this musical journey? We are thrilled with the diversity of the songs, with heavy guitars, propulsive drums, grooving basslines, and vocals that whisper and scream, speaking directly to your soul. We believe you'll love it!" exclaims the band.
To kickstart this epic saga, Stygian Fair has unveiled the first single and title track, "Aradia," accompanied by a captivating music video.
Stygian Fair shares their thoughts on the track:
"'Aradia' was born from a riff that has been haunting us for over two decades. It's truly rewarding to see it evolve into a complete song, with each band member contributing their individual expression. 'Aradia' captures the urgency and mood of a clandestine coven, worshipping the many deities of Mother Nature. Given the state of the climate, it's high time we showed greater respect for Her."
"Aradia" is scheduled for release on August 25th, 2023, via Rockshots Records and is available for pre-order at
Track Listing:
Ancient Lies - 4:02
Masters of the Sea - 4:06
Aradia - 4:57
Tapping of the Vein - 3:43
Let It Go - 4:02
Panoptikon - 3:44
Unto Oblivion - 3:40
Grief Collector - 5:04
Tainted Dream - 3:22
Devil in the Details - 4:16
Album Length: 41:00
Album Credits:
All songs and lyrics written by Stygian Fair
Cover art and design by Anders Hedman
Recorded and mixed by Nils Johansson at Ballerina Audio, Umeå
Stygian Fair is:
Andreas Stoltz: Vocals, Guitar
Emil Holmqvist: Guitar
Anders Hedman: Bass
P-O Jonsson: Drums

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About Stygian Fair:
Hailing from the small town of Umeå in the northern reaches of Sweden, Stygian Fair has been on a relentless quest for musical greatness over the past nine years. It all began when P-O Jonsson and Emil Holmqvist, both parting ways with the band "Crave," laid the foundation for what would become Stygian Fair. Erik Andersson joined on bass, and Andreas Stoltz took the helm as lead vocals and guitar. 
Unfortunately, their first incarnation did not make a significant mark due to the unpredictability of life's twists and turns.
In the autumn of 2016, Erik left the band, followed shortly after by Andreas. However, Stygian Fair regained momentum by enlisting Anders Hedman as their powerhouse bass player. After a series of auditions, Pontus Åkerlund became the new vocalist, and together, they recorded and released an EP titled "Into the Coven." The band began playing live extensively, captivating audiences at local venues. In August 2018, they returned to the studio, and the debut album "Panta Rei" was born. In January 2020, their sophomore release "Nadir" hit the scene, followed by "Equilibrium" in April 2021.
In September 2021, Pontus Åkerlund made the difficult decision to depart from the band. However, after an exhaustive search for a new vocalist, Stygian Fair welcomed back Andreas Stoltz, who had spent years honing his craft with Binary Creed and Hollow. In late 2022, Stygian Fair once again entered the studio to record ten powerful new songs, each bearing their trademark strong melodies. The album is aptly titled "Aradia," paying homage to the witch daughter of Diana, the goddess of the hunt and the moon.