TRASTORNED - Metal Violence


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TRASTORNED - Metal Violence
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Prepare yourself for a frenzied onslaught of thrash metal as we delve into the chaotic world of Trastorned, a Chilean force to be reckoned with. Since their formation in 2008, Trastorned, led by guitarist Fabian Piña and vocalist Felipe Lonza, set out with a simple goal - to be a local thrash band. Little did they know, they were about to unleash an infernal storm upon the metal scene.
After recording their debut demo, "Decapitacion," in 2009, Trastorned's determination grew, propelling them to new heights. Lineup changes became a part of their journey, but it was their second demo, "Killer Thrash," released in 2010, that truly caught the attention of metalheads far and wide. However, it wasn't until four years later that Trastorned resurfaced with their third demo, "Witching Demo!," revealing a revamped sound that showcased a cleaner and more complex style of thrash reminiscent of Vio-lence, Forbidden, and Exodus in the early '90s.
The wheels were set in motion for Trastorned's debut album, with initial recordings starting as early as 2019. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, including the unwelcome arrival of Covid, the band had to switch studios, causing some delays. But fear not, for now, the time has come for Trastorned's highly anticipated debut album to emerge from the depths of darkness: "Into the Void."
Featuring stunningly Lovecraftian artwork by Marcelo Miranda, also known as Made In Darkness, "Into the Void" is a disorienting and sensory-demolishing journey. Trastorned transports you back to 1990 with their songwriting, production, and relentless assault of stop-start precision. Their execution is as aggressive as prime Demolition Hammer and Morbid Saint. Yet, amidst their era-authentic sound, Trastorned stands tall with THE SONGS that firmly place them within the hallowed pantheon of thrash metal. Each track takes mind-mangling routes, yet remains undeniably catchy. The sheer catalog of riffs on "Into the Void" is staggering, seamlessly woven together with masterful precision. Not only that, but Trastorned's musicianship is unparalleled, with their razor-sharp production amplifying their electrifying sound.
Prepare to have your heart race like never before as Trastorned unleashes eight adrenaline-fueled songs in just 30 minutes. Brace yourself for a journey into the void that will leave you breathless and hungry for more.
"Into the Void" was released on January 27th
Trastorned Line-up:
Fist Banger/Felipe Lonza: Vocals
Fabián Piña: Guitars
Felipe González: Guitars
Adrian Gsc: Drums
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Get ready to be consumed by the unrelenting fury of Trastorned as they reignite the flames of thrash metal in Santiago and beyond!