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Veritas Rises with the Thunderous "Silent Script"
Prepare to be blown away, metalheads, as the American hard rock/metal juggernaut VERITAS unleashes their long-awaited album, "Silent Script," on August 22nd, 2023, courtesy of the mighty Sliptrick Records. With 12 electrifying new tracks, this release is guaranteed to leave you gasping for more!
If you've been a fan of their previous works, especially the epic "Threads Of Fatality," then get ready to be utterly amazed by the jaw-dropping progress the band has made. Main composer Greg Wenk has conjured up some of the year's most mesmerizing heavy/power/progressive anthems that will ignite your soul and leave you in awe. His riffs are so addictive that they'll linger in your mind like a musical tattoo, while his lead guitar prowess will leave you speechless.
But the sonic mastery doesn't end there! Denny Anthony's vocals soar with a power and finesse reminiscent of the rock/metal legends who inspired generations. On the low end, Geno Alberico's bass-lines are a stroke of genius, intertwining seamlessly with Mark Zonder's thunderous drumming to elevate the album to a whole new level of sonic ecstasy!
The mixing wizardry of Daryl Bolicek at Wild Horse Recording Studios in Minnesota, USA, has added a spellbinding sheen to "Silent Script." And if that's not enough to enthrall you, the additional background vocals by Greg Wollan on tracks like "None Enslaved," "Creation Groans," and "Somniloquy" will leave you chanting along in metal bliss.
This opus is VERITAS at their pinnacle, ready to conquer the hearts of hard rock and heavy metal fans worldwide. Don't miss your chance to be a part of history; embrace "Silent Script" and let VERITAS take you on a musical journey like never before!
01. Limit
02. Creation Groans
03. Grind Away
04. Buried
05. Unchained
06. None Enslaved
07. Betraying Sight
08. Oxygen
09. More Than I Can Say
10. One People
11. Somniloquy
12. Modulate
"Silent Script" | Released August 22nd, 2023 via Sliptrick Records
Veritas Lineup:
Denny Anthony – Vocals | Greg Wenk – Guitar | Geno Alberico – Bass | Mark Zonder – Drums

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