Void - Voodoo


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Void - Voodoo
Void Are:
Logan Davenport - Bass
Aaron Landry - Drums
Alex Bernard - Guitars
Gabe LeJeune - Guitars
Jackson Davenport - Vocals
Get Ready to Thrash Till You Drop with Void!
Lafayette, Louisiana, is about to be hit by a hurricane of pure thrash metal fury, and it's all thanks to the unstoppable force that is Void! This 5-piece powerhouse is here to reignite the flames of 80s thrash and bring you a spine-chilling experience you won't soon forget.
Drawing inspiration from all things spooky and haunted, Void crafts a sound that will send shivers down your spine while making your head bang uncontrollably. Picture this: catchy riffs that hook you from the first note, melodic harmonies that soar to new heights, lead work that'll leave you breathless, drums that hit you like a relentless barrage, and bass lines so infectious they'll be etched into your soul.
Their thrash brethren from the past look on with awe as Void channels the spirits of legendary bands like 
Forbidden, Laaz Rockit, Testament, Exodus, and Anthrax. But don't be mistaken; Void isn't here to ride on the coattails of their influences. They've summoned their own dark magic and created a sound that's uniquely theirs, setting the stage for a thrash metal revival like no other.
So, who are the brave souls that make up this fearsome five?
Gabriel LeJeune leads the charge with a vocal prowess that commands attention. His haunting growls and thunderous roars add an eerie depth to Void's sonic assault.
Next up, we have the Davenport brothers, Jackson and Logan, wielding their guitars like weapons of mass destruction. Their fingers dance across the fretboard, conjuring riffs that strike like lightning and solos that blaze like wildfire.
Completing the lineup, we have Aaron Landry, the drumming dynamo, who provides the relentless heartbeat of Void's infernal symphony. And let's not forget Alexandre Bernard, the bass wizard whose low-end sorcery ties everything together.
Together, these five metal mavens form a formidable force to be reckoned with, and Lafayette won't know what hit it when Void takes the stage.
Prepare yourself to be transported back to the golden age of thrash, where mosh pits roared, and the metal brotherhood reigned supreme. With Void leading the charge, the spirits of the past merge with the energy of the present to create a metal experience like no other.
So, metalheads, heed the call and embrace the darkness with Void. Your journey into the realm of spooky thrash awaits.
Stay tuned for their upcoming gigs, and let the madness begin!
For more updates and a taste of their haunting melodies, check out Void on their social media:
Get ready to unleash the beast and join the thrash metal revival with Void! Lafayette, prepare for the storm! \m/