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Canada's Augurium Unleashes Unearthly Brutality with New Album
Regina's Finest Brutal Death Metal Act Set to Release "Unearthly Will" - A Monstrous Sonic Offering of Darkened Magnificence
Prepare your eardrums and steel yourself for a cataclysmic onslaught of pure, unadulterated brutality, as Regina's very own Augurium gears up to unleash their third auditory assault, "Unearthly Will," on August 25th, 2023. As the follow-up to their skull-shattering 2018 release "Unhallowed Ascendance" and their 2017 EP "Omen," this album promises to transcend mere music and become a seismic force of sonic devastation.
Imagine, if you will, the thunderous collision of dark thoughts and blistering riffs, expertly woven together into a tapestry of auditory malevolence. Augurium has taken their roots in brutal death metal and crafted something more than a mere album – it's an experience, a journey, a descent into the abyss of their musical minds.
Speaking of this malevolent masterpiece, the band shared their thoughts: "We've poured our souls into this creation over the past two years. Every riff, every blast beat, every guttural growl is a testament to our dedication. It's been a wild ride, and 'Unearthly Will' is the culmination of our blood, sweat, and sheer sonic audacity. We invite you all to join us on this dark journey and experience the infernal symphony we've conjured."
Augurium's metamorphosis has been nothing short of a sonic alchemy. From their early days, where they found their roots jamming to their heroes, to sharing the stage with titans like Belphegor and Cryptopsy, they've clawed their way to the top, creating a storm of sound that's uniquely their own. They've evolved, shifting from the raw brutality of their earlier works to a sound that's both refined and ruthlessly destructive.
Their influences? As diverse as the realms of Hades itself. Drawing from philosophy, religions, fantasy universes, video game realms, and mythology, Augurium doesn't just entertain – they enlighten. Their music is a cathartic release of the darkness that dwells within us all, a channel for forging a better world through unrelenting sonic chaos.
Now, let's talk about the upcoming ritual of mayhem. Augurium is embarking on a pilgrimage across Western Canada that promises to be a sonic odyssey unlike any other. From the grumbling pits of Kelowna to the shadowy alleys of Saskatoon, they're bringing their brand of auditory apocalypse to the masses. The uninitiated, beware – this is not a mere concert; it's a ritualistic summoning of audio Armageddon.
And let's not forget the album itself. "Unearthly Will" boasts a tracklist that reads like an incantation of impending doom:
1. Inquisition of the Possessed - 3:15
2. Phantom Parallax - 3:15
3. Sanguine - 2:58
4. Ancient Grimoire - 4:27
5. Inceptus Mysteria - 3:17
6. Unearthly Will 2:53
7. As Above... So Below - 3:19
8. Invictus - 3:49
Clocking in at just over 27 minutes, "Unearthly Will" is a symphony of malevolence that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.
Before the unveiling of this dark opus on August 25th, brace yourselves for an exclusive auditory baptism. Augurium has partnered with NoCleanSinging to give you a taste of the chaos that's about to be unleashed. Prepare to be ensnared, enthralled, and utterly consumed by the relentless barrage of sound.
"Unearthly Will" is available for pre-order on their official Bandcamp page, a digital portal to the abyss that awaits.
So, fellow metalheads, ready yourselves for an aural apocalypse. Augurium is coming, and they're bringing a maelstrom of metal that will redefine your very perception of brutality. Join them on this dark odyssey, and let the "Unearthly Will" consume you.
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Tour Dates:
Aug 29 - Drumheller, AB - Neighbours' Corner Pub
Aug 30 - Edmonton, AB - Rendezvous Pub w/ Kryotic
Aug 31 - Calgary AB - Nvrland w/ Kryotic
Sept 1 - Saskatoon, SK - Black Cat Tavern w/ Cell and Krytotic
Sept 2 - Regina, SK - The Exchange w/ Cell and Krytotic
As the nights grow darker and the shadows deepen, embrace the "Unearthly Will" – the soundtrack to your descent into sonic madness.