Avlak - Gremlins


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Avlak - Gremlins (In the Pool)
Avlak: Unleashing a Fiery Maelstrom of Thrash and Death Metal Mayhem!
Madrid's metal scene has birthed a monstrous force that's shaking the very foundations of brutality. Introducing Avlak, a band that's not here to play nice – they're here to incite an auditory uprising that'll have you headbanging like there's no tomorrow. Formed in 2021, these hellraisers are a cocktail of thrash and death metal, shaken with old-school influences that'll leave you craving for more.
Kicking down the door of obscurity, Avlak introduced themselves to the world with their debut single, "Get Out," early in 2021. And boy, did they get noticed! The underground scene of Madrid lit up with the buzz of their arrival, setting the stage for what was to come. Fast forward to the present, and Avlak is a sonic juggernaut, an amalgamation of three instrumental powerhouses led by none other than the infernal force that is Aston Wirz. But let's not forget the lethal trio backing him up: George Fernandez on guitars and vocals, Cain Sanchez on drums, and Alvaro Idrogo holding down the fort on bass.
When you press play on Avlak's tunes, prepare to be sucked into a whirlwind of influences that span the darkest corners of metal. Drawing from the likes of Dethklok, Dying Fetus, Behemoth, these guys unleash a gloomy death metal onslaught that'll make your bones rattle. But hold tight, because that's just the tip of the iceberg. They inject their music with an electrifying dose of thrash grooves, channeling the energy of Havok, Municipal Waste, Exodus, and Sodom. Oh, and did we mention the echoes of Lamb of God and Devil Driver? These guys are throwing in a little bit of everything to create their own wicked brew of sonic chaos.
The anticipation has been building, and the countdown has begun. Avlak locked themselves in the studio in the latter half of 2022, birthing their debut album "Portal" in the fiery depths. Set to detonate on the 1st of February, 2023, this album is a nine-track explosion that'll scorch your eardrums with a fury straight from the abyss. The flames were kindled in El Horno Studios, where their infernal creation was mixed and mastered to perfection.
Now, if you're expecting Avlak to hold back, think again. These guys are running on unbridled passion, unafraid to bring their own brand of metal mayhem to the masses. They're unsigned, and they've got a whole arsenal of music ready to be unleashed. Brace yourselves – "Portal" is not just an album; it's a gateway to a dimension of sonic intensity that you won't be able to escape.
So, all you metal warriors with ears forged in steel, get ready. Avlak's brand-new onslaught, "Portal," is about to drop, and it's not here to play nice. This is hard music for the hard cult – and Avlak is leading the charge. Prepare for the mosh pits, the headbanging, and the adrenaline-fueled madness that only true metal can deliver. Get ready to enter the portal of Avlak – the metal storm is coming, and it's not taking prisoners!