Crazy Mad Ride - Scorpio


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Crazy Mad Ride Investigate The Meaning Of "Life, Liberty, Deat"
Crazy Mad Ride - Scorpio
Unleashing a Thrash-Tastic Tornado of Sonic Fury, Crazy Mad Ride's Debut EP Rattles Skulls and Resonates Souls!
Grab your battle vests and prepare to be thunderstruck by the uproarious onslaught of Crazy Mad Ride! Hailing from the heartlands of the USA, this electrifying quartet is here to shred, bash, and ignite the very essence of thrash metal with their debut EP, Life, Liberty, Death, set to detonate on September 19th, 2023 under the unfurling banner of Sliptrick Records. And let me tell you, metalheads of every creed, prepare for an odyssey that's as explosive as a stage pyro mishap!
Kicking off this high-octane rollercoaster through the depths of musical madness is "Lunacy". Hold onto your six-stringed axes, because from the get-go, it's an in-your-face plunge into a mosh pit of frenetic guitar wizardry. As if that wasn't enough to steal your breath, the subsequent track "Scorpio" screeches through the gates, akin to a rampant beast on the loose, melding relentless thrash with a 'no BS' attitude that's sharper than a double-edged battleaxe.
Now, let's talk about a song that would make the voodoo spirits of the Bayou itself groove – "Bayou Bounty". It's a groove-laden escapade that traverses the murky swamps of metal, as if the guitar riffs were concocted in the cauldron of a Louisiana witch doctor. The bass line is the bait, and the listeners? Well, they're caught in a musical trance, headbanging like possessed marionettes.
Just when you thought you'd seen the entirety of Crazy Mad Ride's musical arsenal, "The Deceiver" crashes in like a time-traveling beast from the days of big hair and spandex. The riffs are so authentic that they could have been smuggled straight from an '80s heavy metal utopia. This track doesn't tiptoe around – it breaks down the door, shreds any misconceptions, and triumphantly yells, "We're the Crazy Mad Ride, and resistance is futile!"
Venturing into this musical whirlwind requires some serious musicianship, and Crazy Mad Ride is armed to the teeth. Brandon Barker, the vocal samurai and guitar sorcerer, leads the charge with his banshee-like wails and ferocious riffing. Doc Lopez, the second axeman in command, masterfully engineers the mind-bending guitar work that makes your ears tingle in euphoria. And as for Dewayne Bjorn on drums? Well, let's just say that his drumsticks are like Thor's mighty Mjölnir, summoning sonic thunder with every strike.
The epic odyssey that is Life, Liberty, Death includes tracks that will not only satisfy the insatiable hunger of thrash metal enthusiasts but also tempt those who have yet to feel the pulse-pounding embrace of metal's fiery heart. It's not just an EP; it's a musical manifesto that claims Crazy Mad Ride's territory in the metal pantheon.
Don't merely take my word for it, brave souls; mark your calendars for September 19th, 2023. Brace yourselves for the sonic tempest that is Life, Liberty, Death – an EP that's more powerful than a double-bass drum barrage and more exhilarating than a stage dive from Valhalla itself.
For more information about the sonic sorcerers that are Crazy Mad Ride, and to join the cult of headbangers, check out their official website, engage in the ritualistic ceremonies on Facebook, witness their metal conjuring on YouTube, get a backstage pass to their sonic journey on Instagram, and, most importantly, prepare your eardrums for the impending metal storm on Sliptrick Records. Your neck will thank you later.
So, remember the date – September 19th, 2023 – and prepare to embark on a Crazy Mad Ride that might just redefine your musical cosmos. Stay metal, stay mad, and let the thrash be your guide! 🤘