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Canadian band Crush The Core Unleashes "Church of Demise": A Sonic Crusade Against Religious Manipulation with Drumming Wizardry
Ladies and gentlemen, brace your eardrums and buckle up your battle vests because Crush the Core, the sonic warriors from the Great White North, have descended upon us once again with their latest sonic cannonball - "Church of Demise". If you've been fervently praying for some heavy hard rock/metal salvation, these Canucks are about to answer your call with an anthem that hits harder than a sledgehammer in a forge.
Released on August 17, 2023, this single doesn't just rock the boat; it tears through the seas of conformity like a Viking ship on a berserker raid. The band's lineup reads like a roll call of riff-masters: Phil Forget on vocals and guitar, Stef Forget wielding guitars and bass like weapons of mass distortion, and Eric Mireault on drums, pounding rhythms like Thor forging thunderbolts.
"Church of Demise" isn't just another track; it's a confrontation of biblical proportions. The song narrates the tale of a wife trapped in the labyrinthine corridors of religious indoctrination, squaring off against her own husband. It's like David versus Goliath, if David had a Les Paul and Goliath had a massive double bass drum kit. The lyrics hold a mirror to the hypocrisy that sometimes reeks stronger than incense within the hallowed walls of religious institutions.
Crush the Core - Church of Demise
But hey, it's not all fire and brimstone. Crush the Core wouldn't be Crush the Core without serving up a sonic feast that's as melodic as it is heavy. The vocals soar higher than a dragon on a caffeine bender, and the riffs hit harder than Mjölnir in the hands of a furious deity. The track kicks off with a drum intro that's like a punch to the gut, paying homage to none other than Neal Smith's iconic beats from the Alice Cooper Band's "Billion Dollar Babies". A nod to the drumming legends? Hell yes, sign us up!
And fear not, dear metalheads, for this isn't just a one-shot drumming salute. Crush the Core promises more rhythmic homages in their upcoming tracks, so get ready to headbang and air-drum like there's no tomorrow. If your heart beats to the rhythm of Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, and Metallica, then "Church of Demise" is your unholy grail.
Recorded, produced, and mastered at Stef's Studio (because let's face it, Stef has got the magic touch), this anthem is a clarion call to break free from the chains of blind faith and awaken your inner rebel. Whether you're thrashing in your bedroom or orchestrating a mosh pit in the living room, Crush the Core's got your back.
So, fellow metal disciples, let's raise our devil horns and rally behind Crush the Core. You can catch their riff-driven crusade on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. Let's show these Canucks some love and support as they venture forth, guitars in hand and battle cries in their hearts, to conquer the sonic realms and pave their own path of metallic glory.
Remember, it's not just music; it's a way of life. And with Crush the Core leading the charge, the future of metal is as bright and blistering as the flames of a burning church... of demise. \m/
Phil Forget - Vocal / Guitar
Stef Forget - Guitar / Bass
Eric Mireault - Drums