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Unleashing Sonic Mayhem: MASTIC SCUM Unveils Ferocious New Video and Brutal Tour Dates
Ahoy, fellow metalheads! Buckle up those bullet belts and strap on your combat boots because the Austrian death metal titans, MASTIC SCUM, are here to obliterate your eardrums and decimate stages across Europe! Fresh from a triumphant festival season that left mosh pits in ruins and necks aching, these sonic berserkers are back with a vengeance, unleashing their new video clip "Create And Destroy". And trust me, it's not for the faint of heart.
Picture this: a symphony of pure sonic annihilation. A relentless barrage of riffs that hit you like a freight train loaded with distortion, drums that pummel your senses like a violent thunderstorm, and guttural growls that sound like the very essence of hell. Ladies and gentlemen, this is MASTIC SCUM's signature recipe for chaos, and they've cooked up a storm in their latest track "Create And Destroy".
If you dare to witness this auditory onslaught firsthand, head over to YouTube and prepare for an experience that might just reshape your entire existence: MASTIC SCUM - "Create And Destroy". But fair warning, you might emerge from this three-minute massacre with your mind blown and your speakers begging for mercy.
But wait, there's more! MASTIC SCUM isn't content with just melting faces through screens; they're taking their sonic siege straight to the stages. With tour dates that read like a roadmap of metal mayhem, they're set to invade Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic like a horde of sonic barbarians. Here's where you need to brace yourself for impact:
09.09. 🇦🇹 Rockshock Theatre - St. Martin
29.09. 🇩🇪 Berlin Deathfest - Eastend Berlin
14.10. 🇨🇿 Massacre in VM #10 - Vysoke Myto
11.11. 🇦🇹 Fischamend - Stand Up Club
I can practically feel the ground trembling already. If you're brave enough to join this relentless metal crusade, mark those dates on your battle-scarred calendar and prepare for an auditory experience that will leave your soul forever branded.
But hey, we know you're not here just to read about it, right? You want to grab a piece of the madness for yourself. Well, rejoice, because MASTIC SCUM has got you covered. Whether you're a fan of CDs, vinyl, or digipak boxsets that could double as lethal weapons, they've got it all. Don't believe me? Here's where you can get your metal fix:
Label: MDD Records (CD, Vinyl, Digipak Boxset) :
Band: MASTIC SCUM Shop :
Want to dive deeper into the sonic abyss that is MASTIC SCUM? Check out their lair on the interwebs and join the legions of devoted fans who've sworn allegiance to this Austrian death metal juggernaut:
So there you have it, my fellow metal comrades. MASTIC SCUM is on the rampage, armed with a new video that's a testament to their unrelenting ferocity, and a tour that promises to be a moshpit massacre. Grab your battle vests, summon your inner headbanger, and prepare to be baptized in the unadulterated chaos that is MASTIC SCUM. This is metal, my friends, and it's about to hit you like a sledgehammer to the skull. Stay brutal! \m/