Parasitic Entity - Depravities Reflection


It was Released in 2021:

Unleashing Havoc and Harmony: Parasitic Entity's "The Self-Aggrandising Lie" Continues to Reverberate in the Metal Cosmos
Time bends and riffs endure, my fellow metalheads, as we journey back to the cataclysmic collision of virtuosity and vitality that is PARASITIC ENTITY's groundbreaking debut album, "The Self-Aggrandising Lie". Hailing from the grim and gritty lands of the United Kingdom, this Technical/Progressive Death Metal duo unleashed their sonic tempest two years ago, yet its impact still reverberates through the metal cosmos, ensnaring new souls and reaffirming the devotion of the faithful. Prepare to once again immerse yourself in a realm where chaos and melody coalesce in a maelstrom of sonic brilliance.
In a shared flat that doubled as a crucible of creation, a storm of riffs brewed, guided by the hands of Liam McKeown and Joe Potts. These two sorcerers, having traversed the treacherous realms of university bands, embarked on a quest to fuse the intricate madness of Obscura, The Faceless, and Archspire with a symphony of meticulously crafted melodies that could make even the most stoic headbanger hum along in awe.
"The Self-Aggrandising Lie", an alchemical creation born amid the chaos of the U.K.'s initial lockdown, saw Joe Potts weaving spells as a guitarist, bassist, and drum programmer. This auditory odyssey, first unshackled upon the digital hordes via Bandcamp in October 2020, emerged in limited CD form, a testament to the duo's unrelenting dedication and a nod to those who still find solace in the tactile embrace of the physical realm.
Delve once more into the labyrinthine lyrics that punctuate this opus, and you'll find yourself confronting anti-establishment manifestos, peering into the abyss of modern existence, and connecting with the existential rage that courses through us all. Even the venerable Treebeard from The Lord of the Rings would find kinship with the shared frustration that pulses through these ferocious tracks.
Liam McKeown, the vocal deity channelling chaos and catharsis, and Joe Potts, the six-string sorcerer whose axe wields the power of mass distortion, both masterfully conjure a rhythmic onslaught that lingers in the mind like a sonic spell. The mixing cauldron was stirred by Joe himself, while the final enchantment was bestowed by the sonic sorceress Wynter Prior. Behold the visual spectacle that adorns this musical tome - the eldritch artwork of Phaedrus Byskou, accompanied by the mystic insignia conjured by Icis Jan Alverdo.
If your infernal heart beats in sync with bands like Martyr, Inferi, and Archspire, then pledge your allegiance once more to the PARASITIC ENTITY cause. Stay connected with these unholy emissaries through their digital sigils:
Though two years have passed since the initial detonation of "The Self-Aggrandising Lie", the resonance of PARASITIC ENTITY's symphonic chaos still echoes throughout the Metal multiverse. As they continue to forge their legacy, we remain steadfast in our devotion, a legion of fervent fanatics united by our insatiable hunger for sonic transcendence. Let the symphony of "The Self-Aggrandising Lie" once again seize your senses, and together, we shall journey anew through the tempestuous realms they have conjured. \m/