Raspy Junker - Snake Eyes


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Countdown to Coronation: Raspy Junker's "Bad Queen" Reigns Soon!
Raspy Junker - Snake Eyes (Official Music Video)

Hold onto your battle vests and studded leather, metalheads, for the storm is on the horizon! In just a short month, on September 22, 2023, the mighty Raspy Junker will unleash their triumphant second album, "Bad Queen". Get ready to be swept away on a tidal wave of blistering riffs, seismic rhythms, and a siren's call that'll send shivers down your spine.
Forged in the fires of 2012, Raspy Junker has been a force to be reckoned with in the realm of French metal. From their tantalizing EP to their debut album that hit like a battering ram to the chest, the band has faced its trials and tribulations. But like a phoenix reborn from its own ashes, they're back, and this time with a bewitching female vocalist at the helm, ready to weave tales of melody and emotion that'll grip your soul.
Imagine this: it's as if the offspring of Metallica and Halestorm stumbled upon an ancient tome of incantations, and as they chanted the words, Raspy Junker emerged – a sonic juggernaut that can summon the spirits of metal's past while blazing a trail towards its future. The energy of a thunderstorm, the weight of a collapsing star, and the allure of a forbidden ritual – all encapsulated in one breathtaking experience.
In 2017, they roared into our lives with "World of Violence", an album that paid homage to the metal titans that came before, yet stamped their own identity with a ferocity that couldn't be ignored. And now, as we stand on the cusp of September 22, 2023, the anticipation is palpable. Raspy Junker is about to unleash "Bad Queen", an auditory adventure that navigates through realms of heavy atmospheres, soaring crescendos, and headbanging insanity.

"Bad Queen" isn't just an album; it's a journey through the heart of metal's inferno. Imagine being caught in a mosh pit of riffs that feel like a chainsaw's caress, only to be lifted into the heavens by a guitar solo that spirals like a comet streaking across the night sky. And when Raspy Junker takes the stage, those who dare step into the abyss will find themselves baptized in the molten essence of the music, a communion of sweat and sound that'll leave them forever changed.
So, my fellow disciples of distortion, mark your calendars and prime your senses, for September 22 approaches with the promise of "Bad Queen". Raspy Junker's return is imminent, a coronation of metal might that'll remind us all why this genre isn't just about sound – it's a way of life, a visceral testament to the power of unbridled expression. Let the countdown begin, and let the metal gods prepare for the arrival of their newest sovereign.
Tracklisting de « Bad Queen »
01. Start a Revolution
02. Snake Eyes
03. Hypnotized
04. Battle Cry
05. Bad Queen
06. We Are Rising
07. Deserter
08. Alive
09. Dog Fight
10. Poison

Line-up :
Nathalie : chant
Thomas : chant et lead guitare
Patrick : basse
Cédric : batterie
Loïc : guitare