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Rockin' Engine Welcomes Horror Fans And Rockers Home With Bloody Music Video For "Carnival of Evil"
New EP "Altered By Evil" Out Now!

Calling all you headbanging horror aficionados and lovers of the dark arts! Get ready to sink your teeth into some metal mayhem that'll leave you howling at the moon and headbanging like a possessed marionette. Montreal's very own sonic devil-spawn, Rockin' Engine, has unleashed a fearsome new EP that's sure to summon your inner metal beast from its slumber.
Cue ominous riffage and thunderous drumbeats – welcome to the sinister realm of "Altered By Evil". This EP isn't just your run-of-the-mill collection of songs; it's a spine-chilling sonic odyssey that pays homage to the icons of horror, while simultaneously inducing moshpit madness.
The devilish quartet comprising Joel Bilodeau on drums, Steve O Leff handling vocal duties and shredding guitars, Jean-Pierre Proulx wielding the bass with authority, and the masterful axe-slinger Ste Vy Leff, are the architects behind this aural nightmare. Their latest offering, "Carnival of Evil", is a raucous rollercoaster through a haunted carnival, complete with all the blood, guts, and twisted clowns you could ever want – or dread.

In the spirit of Rob Zombie's chaotic and macabre artistry, Rockin' Engine has conjured an outlandish video for "Carnival of Evil". Steve O Leff, the wicked maestro himself, gleefully confessed, "We scraped together the last of our coin to bring this monstrosity to life. It's like our wildest nightmares threw up on a video set – from a freaky wheel of torture to a magician's box of dark delights, this video has it all!"
But wait, there's more – this video is a true labor of unholy love. From crafting their own rusty butcher cleaver to concocting rivers of fake blood (made from the finest corn syrup and water, mind you), these metallers are as DIY as they come.
You might be asking, what inspired this gruesome symphony? Well, dear metalheads, the lead guitarist, Ste Vy Leff, conjured the music, while vocalist Steve O Leff was chilling to Rob Zombie's "Devil's Rejects". Suddenly, it struck him like a lightning bolt – the malevolent Captain Spaulding, the wicked clown of the movie, was the perfect match for the track's diabolic narrative. O Leff sums it up with a maniacal grin, "They're ruthless yet charismatic, and they will stop at nothing to deliver a performance to die for!"
So, what's it like to experience a Rockin' Engine live show? Imagine a ritual summoning of thunder and fire, fueled by explosive chemistry and enough contagious energy to power a haunted mansion. These ghouls of sound don't just play their instruments; they wield them like arcane weapons, unleashing an auditory apocalypse upon their audience. And fear not, dear headbangers, every member gets their moment in the spotlight – it's a symphony of horror, rock, and unadulterated metal.
If you're a horror movie fanatic seeking a soundtrack to your spine-tingling adve
ntures, look no further. "Altered By Evil" is your unholy grail, a treasure trove of heavy riffs, earworm hooks, and lyrical darkness that will satiate your cravings. For those who revel in the sounds of Lamb Of God, Gojira, and Metallica, this EP is tailor-made to invoke your inner beast.
Get your fix of the "Carnival of Evil" music video exclusively on V13 by following this link:
And that's not all, fellow creatures of the night! The EP "Altered By Evil" is hauntingly available for your listening pleasure on , Spotify, and Apple Music. Sink your fangs into the monstrous tracks and let the darkness embrace you.
So, dear metal maniacs and horror fiends, whether you're screaming for more or howling in the moonlight, Rockin' Engine has brewed up a potent concoction that's equal parts riff, roar, and terror. Brace yourselves – the metal circus is in town, and it's one ride you won't soon forget.
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In the words of the legendary horror metal maestros themselves, "Stay evil, stay metal, and let the nightmare rock on!" 🤘
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