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Legendary LA Rockers Angeles Unleash Official Video for Latest Stand-Alone Single "Just Do It" with a Rock 'n' Roll Roar!
Hold on to your leather jackets and tighten those skull rings because the legendary LA rockers ANGELES have just dropped an electrifying bombshell of a music video for their newest stand-alone single, 'Just Do It.' This latest sonic onslaught, penned by the one and only Dale George Lytle, promises to be an auditory feast for metalheads and rock enthusiasts worldwide!
ANGELES - Just Do It
In the dimly lit underworld of rock 'n' roll, ANGELES have carved their name with a fiery brand that refuses to fade. And 'Just Do It' is no exception. With guitars that could shatter glass and a rhythm section that thunders like a stampede of hellhounds, this track is a sonic call to arms.
Lytle's raspy vocals are the gasoline to the musical inferno, driving the message home: don't overthink it, just embrace the chaos and "Just Do It"! It's a mantra that resonates with every metalhead who's ever wanted to headbang their way through life.
But wait, there's more! ANGELES is not content with merely dropping a killer single. They're currently forging new sonic weaponry in the fires of their creativity, and 'Just Do It' is just a taste of what's to come in their upcoming album. Brace yourselves, because if this single is any indication, we're in for a wild, riff-laden ride!
"Just Do It" is available for your relentless headbanging pleasure on Spotify and all streaming platforms - Click here to unleash the beast!
If you want to own this sonic storm, head over to DistroKid and grab your copy. Trust us; it's a worthy addition to your heavy metal arsenal!
ANGELES - Current 2023 Line-up
Dale George Lytle – Vocals and Guitar
Bill Wildman – Bass Guitar
Danny Basulto – Drums

These three maestros of mayhem are the driving force behind ANGELES' sonic fury. Together, they're a musical juggernaut that's been tearing through the metal scene like a hurricane.
If you've been living under a rock (pun intended) and missed their previous assaults, check out these mind-blowing singles:
Get ready to be blown away, and remember, ANGELES are not just a band; they're a force of nature!
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Stay tuned, headbangers – 2023 is shaping up to be a wild ride in the world of metal, and ANGELES is leading the charge!