Arkayic Revolt - The New Hypocrisy

ARKAYIC REVOLT Returns with "The New Hypocrisy" – Thrash Metal Resurrected!
Horns up, metalheads! Canada's very own sonic storm, Arkayic Revolt, is back from the abyss to deliver a thrash-metal sucker punch that'll leave you questioning your very existence. But before we dive into the molten crucible of sound that is "The New Hypocrisy," let's take a journey back in time to uncover the enigma that is Arkayic Revolt.
A Resurrection Worth Its Weight in Riffs:
Formed in the dark and frostbitten annals of 2008, Arkayic Revolt burst forth with their debut EP, "Undead Man Walking," the same year. The metal cosmos had never seen anything like it. Imagine Metallica, Testament, and Arch Enemy locked in a studio, and a musical lovechild was born – that's Arkayic Revolt for you.
Their thunderous arrival wasn't a quiet affair; it was a cosmic explosion heard across the metalverse. The metal community, always hungry for the next riff-fueled revelation, quickly caught wind of these sonic conjurers.
As the word of their might spread like wildfire, the band found themselves in the sights of Punishment 18 Records. An Italian label with a penchant for unearthing thrash gems, Punishment 18 recognized the potential in Arkayic Revolt's incendiary sound.
With quills and parchment poised, the band signed the dotted line, leading to the release of their debut LP, "Death's River," in 2010. It was a seismic event in the thrash-metal realm, earning critical acclaim and sending thrash enthusiasts into frenzied headbanging frenzies.
But just when the world thought it had tasted the full force of Arkayic Revolt, the band threw a curveball. In 2011, they dropped the single "Innocence Has Died." It was a tantalizing tease of what could be, but then, silence – an unofficial disbandment that left fans in a state of sonic purgatory.
Fast forward to the present, and a phoenix has risen from the ashes. Arkayic Revolt, against all odds, has reformed! Their return is heralded by an EP titled "Atlantis Rising," featuring two brand-new tracks that'll rock your soul – "The New Hypocrisy" and the title track, "Atlantis Rising."
But what's this? They've not only retained their thrash roots but have also woven in epic melodic passages and influences from various metal sub-genres. It's like they've brewed a cauldron of metal elixirs and summoned the gods of metal themselves to imbue their music with newfound power.
And now, the pièce de résistance – "The New Hypocrisy." Brace yourselves, for it's a storm of blistering riffs, thunderous drums, and vocals that could peel paint off the walls. If you ever wondered what a musical tornado would sound like, this is it.
Arkayic Revolt's resurrection isn't just about playing notes and pounding drums; it's a statement. A statement that says, "We are the torchbearers of true thrash metal, and we're here to obliterate your eardrums!"
Are you ready to embark on this metallic odyssey with Arkayic Revolt? Don't be left in the dark; follow the trail of molten guitar solos and earth-shaking rhythms:
And most importantly, get your eardrums ready for "The New Hypocrisy" – the soundtrack to your next thrash-induced frenzy!
That's it for now, metalheads. Stay heavy, stay brutal, and remember: life is short, but the riffs are eternal. 🤘