Atlas : Empire - "Last Will & Testament"


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Atlas : Empire Unleashes "Last Will & Testament" Music Video - Prepare to be Rocked to the Core!
Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your eardrums because the UK's very own progressive/alt-rock marvels, Atlas : Empire, are back to blow your minds with their latest artistic masterpiece - the music video for "Last Will & Testament". If you're not already strapped in for this ride, you better grab onto something because things are about to get seriously epic!
Atlas : Empire
Into the Abyss with "Last Will & Testament"
"Last Will & Testament" is more than just a song; it's a portal that transports you into the heart and soul of Atlas : Empire's sonic universe. This emotive track is like a siren's call, beckoning listeners to plunge headfirst into the immersive world this band has crafted. Written and performed by the band themselves, it's no wonder that it has already found a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.
Behind this stunning music video is the talented photographer Calum McMillan, who has breathed life into Atlas : Empire's sonic visions. Prepare to be visually dazzled as the music and imagery intertwine to create an experience that's nothing short of mind-blowing.
If you haven't already embarked on the Atlas : Empire odyssey, now's the perfect time to do so. Their acclaimed album "Everything Is Temporary" is an auditory adventure like no other. It's a musical expedition that takes you through the peaks and valleys of emotion, leaving you breathless and craving more.
Atlas : Empire, hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Glasgow, Scotland, has been a force to be reckoned with since their formation in 2011. With two albums under their belt, "Everything Is Temporary" (2023) and "The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet" (2019), this trio has been crafting a unique blend of progressive and alternative rock that's unlike anything else out there.
Steven Gillies, the vocal virtuoso, who also wields the guitar and bass, is the man leading the charge. Joining him in this sonic escapade is Jamie Sturt, a musical polymath responsible for vocals, guitar, bass, and electronics. And let's not forget James Lorenzo, the percussive powerhouse on the drums.
So, my fellow rock aficionados, get ready to be transported to another dimension of sound and vision. Atlas : Empire's "Last Will & Testament" music video is here to rock your world, and it's a journey you won't want to end. Join the revolution and let the music take control!🤘