CRAVER - Dreams Of The Night


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CRAVER Unleashes Debut Album "Torch Of Wisdom" – A Fiery Embrace of Metal's Raw Passion
CRAVER - Dreams Of The Night
In an age dominated by synthetics and digitized beats, where have the true warriors of raw, passionate rock gone? Fear not, fellow metalheads, for Switzerland's very own CRAVER has emerged from the shadows, igniting the torch of wisdom with their debut album!
"Torch Of Wisdom" blazed its trail on September 1st, 2023, via the Swiss powerhouse label METALWORLD. But don't fret if you've missed the initial inferno; the fire still rages, and this album is a testament to the timelessness of its raw power. Limited-run CDs and Vinyl are the vessels carrying this musical revelation to the masses.
In a world where love's torch sometimes flickers in the winds of uncertainty, CRAVER serves as a blazing beacon, reminding us that there's no tide as turbulent as love's tempest. With their trio of musical magicians – Jonathan Craver on bass, Ashley Craver on drums, and the formidable Tommy Craver handling vocals and guitars – this Swiss ensemble blends the raw, primal desires of humanity with the undying spirit of heavy rock.
"Torch Of Wisdom" is an album where the musicians' souls mingle with burning metal to create a sound that is both evocative and heavy.
The album unleashes nine meticulously crafted anthems, each a sonic testament to the power of passion and the human spirit.
CRAVER's inspiration flows from legendary founts like Unto Others, Ghost, The Sisters Of Mercy, Scorpions, and Iron Maiden. Yet, they've skillfully woven a sound that's not just homage but a fresh, scorching firestorm in its own right.
Whether you're a die-hard fan of metal's icons or someone seeking multifaceted rock and metal compositions, "Torch Of Wisdom" promises an auditory delight. Let the heavy riffs wash over you, and allow the passionate lyrics to resonate with your very soul.
Metalworld, the label behind this musical explosion, has all the necessary links for you to keep up with CRAVER.
Prepare to have your eardrums melted, your heart ignited, and your passion stoked by the fiery debut of "Torch Of Wisdom." CRAVER is here, and they're here to stay, a testament to the enduring power of raw, unadulterated metal.