Deimos' Dawn - "Too Much Pain Is Not Enough"


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Deimos' Dawn Unleashes Thrashing Video for "Too Much Pain Is Not Enough"
Brace yourselves because Deimos' Dawn has just thrown down the gauntlet with their killer new video for "Too Much Pain Is Not Enough". This face-melting track is ripped straight from their latest auditory juggernaut, "Anthem Of The Lost". And let me tell you, this isn't your grandma's elevator music; it's pure, unadulterated thrash mania!
Leading the charge is the multi-talented Marc Grewe, a name that resonates in the metal underworld. But here's the scoop, my fellow headbangers: Marc is about to drop a death metal bombshell alongside Volbeat's six-string sorcerer, Michael Poulsen, under the monstrous moniker ASINHELL. Mark your calendars; it's happening later this month! So, prepare your necks for some serious headbanging.
Deimos' Dawn is cooking up some seriously electrifying surprises in the coming weeks. We're talking live shows, folks! And keep your horns up for news on the long-awaited follow-up to their canceled record release show in April due to some health hiccups. The stage is set, the amps are buzzing, and Deimos' Dawn is gearing up to deliver a thrash spectacle like no other.
Deimos' Dawn's debut album, "Anthem Of The Lost", is currently up for grabs at select stores, through MDD, and directly from the band in CD and vinyl formats. For their video, the band called on Andy Brings to create their video.
Prepare to have your auditory senses obliterated by the thrashing magnificence of Deimos' Dawn. Waste no time and dive headfirst into the chaos by watching the video for "Too Much Pain Is Not Enough" right here.
And for those eager to claim their own piece of thrash history, here's where you can order "Anthem Of The Lost":
Follow them via their official websiteFacebook and Instagram. These thrash titans are just getting started, and the metal storm they're brewing is nothing short of legendary.
So, gear up for a thrashocalypse, my metal brethren! Deimos' Dawn is poised to obliterate your senses, one riff at a time. Stay tuned 🤘