DodenGod - A Storm In The Emptyness


Rock On: Dodengod's Debut Album "Salvation" Now on Bandcamp!

DodenGod - A Storm In The Emptyness
Introducing Dodengod:
Hey there, fellow rockers! Get ready to headbang because we've got some exciting news for you. Dodengod, the awesome metal band, has released their debut album called "Salvation" on Bandcamp. If you're into heavy music that makes your heart race and your head spin, then Dodengod is the band for you!
From the Ashes of Ascend-ency
Dodengod was formed by the talented musicians who were previously part of Ascend-ency. They decided to start a new chapter and create music that truly represents their passion for metal. With their unique sound and killer riffs, Dodengod is ready to take the metal scene by storm.
In 2021, Dodengod welcomed a new member to their ranks - Barduk! This talented musician brings his skills and energy to the band, making their music even more powerful. With Barduk on board, Dodengod is unstoppable.
Coming Soon: Second Album
But wait, there's more! Dodengod is currently working on their second album, which is in its final stage. So, get ready for even more mind-blowing metal music coming your way. These guys are constantly pushing their limits and creating music that will make your ears explode with joy.
Get Your "Salvation" on Bandcamp:
While you eagerly wait for Dodengod's second album, you can already get your hands on their debut masterpiece, "Salvation." This album is available on Bandcamp, so you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. Prepare to be blown away by the intense guitar solos, thunderous drums, and powerful vocals.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Bandcamp and show Dodengod some love. Support these talented musicians and let their music transport you to a world of headbanging and mosh pits. Rock on!