Hunter - Rebel Angels Rise


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Belgian Heavy Metal Band Hunter Releases New Album: Rebel Angels Rise
Hey there, metalheads! Get ready to headbang because on September 2, 2023, the awesome Belgian heavy metal band Hunter dropped their latest album called Rebel Angels Rise. It's time to crank up the volume and let the metal madness begin!
01. Wicked
The first track on the album is called "Wicked." Brace yourself for some wickedly awesome guitar riffs and thunderous drums that will make you want to jump into the mosh pit!
02. The Forge
Next up is "The Forge." This song will ignite your inner fire with its powerful lyrics and head-banging rhythm. Get ready to unleash your metal spirit!
03. Rebel Angels Rise
"Rebel Angels Rise" is the third track on the album. It's all about standing up against the norms and embracing your uniqueness. Let your rebellious side soar with this epic anthem!
04. Requiem
Prepare for some dark and haunting melodies with "Requiem." This track will take you on a journey through the depths of metal, leaving you craving for more.
05. The Knight of the Black Rose, part 2
Continuing the epic saga, "The Knight of the Black Rose, part 2" will transport you to a medieval battlefield. Get ready to wield your air guitar like a true warrior!
06. Suffocate
"Suffocate" will leave you gasping for air with its intense energy and mind-blowing guitar solos. This track is a true headbanger's delight!
07. Morior Invictus
With "Morior Invictus," Hunter takes you on a journey to the underworld. Brace yourself for some bone-chilling screams and heavy basslines that will make your heart race.
So, grab your leather jackets, raise your devil horns, and get ready to rock out to Hunter's latest album, Re. It's a metal masterpiece that will make your eardrums explode with pure awesomeness!