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Overman Comes to a Mind-Expanding Conclusion: 'It Is All Overman'
Overman - Desert Ship
Rock, Psychedelia, and a Dash of Cheese: Overman's Debut Album Takes Listeners on a Trippy Journey
Get ready to embark on a musical odyssey like no other as the German trio, Overman, unleashes their debut album, 'It Is All Overman', via Sliptrick Records on September 5th, 2023. If you're searching for a sonic voyage that's part rock, part psychedelic trip, and a hint of pure dadaism, look no further than this 56-minute opus.
Jan-Marc Ivers, the mastermind behind Overman and a certified musical workaholic, has joined forces with scene veterans Hauke Drews on bass guitar and Christoph Wollmann on vocals. Together, they've crafted an album that defies genre boundaries, transcending rock, punk, jazz, and pop. This isn't your typical metal experience; it's an exploration of musical dimensions.
The title track, 'It Is All Overman', beckons you to enter Overman's peculiar universe, while 'Desert Ship' takes you on a drifting journey. Things take a more contemplative turn with 'Lies Don't Lie,' a poignant exploration of depression, delivered with a glimmer of hope.
But where Overman truly shines is their ability to inject humor into their music. If you're a fan of cheese (who isn't?), you're in for a treat with 'Cut The Cheese'. This 12-minute opus is a jazz-infused, mind-bending trip, a bit like witnessing a cheese-cutting performance art piece. Because why not?
The magnum opus, 'Morning Chat', clocks in at a whopping 24 minutes, taking you on a journey of loss and discovery. It's a soundtrack for introspection, best enjoyed with a glass of red wine or whatever your recreational substance of choice may be.
In the words of Overman themselves, "Music goes aside the daily noise straight out of the box into the curvy, vibrating hair on a holy, carved, and penetrated ear on a resonating head of a human-ape's clumsy, fat, yellow body to change, to learn, to hate, to collaborate, to grow, to slow down, to perform, to be gone, to be noticed, to be verified, to be glorified, to be ghost notes?" If that doesn't make you want to dive headfirst into their musical madness, nothing will.
Here's the tracklist to guide you on your trip:
It Is All Overman
Desert Ship
Lies Don't Lie
Cut The Cheese
Good Morning Chat
Overman is comprised of Christoph Wollmann on vocals, Hauke Drews on bass, and Jan-Marc Ivers on drums, guitars, and keyboards. Their synergy is what makes this mind-bending journey possible.
So, if you're ready to take a break from the mundane and explore the uncharted territories of music, 'It Is All Overman' is your ticket. Dive into the weird, the wonderful, and the cheesy with Overman's debut album. You won't be alone; you'll be in the company of like-minded sonic adventurers.
For more Overman madness, be sure to visit their https://itsoverman.de/ follow them on https://www.facebook.com/itsalloverman/ , and experience their trippy visuals on https://www.youtube.com/@itsalloverman

And, of course, don't forget to grab your copy of 'It Is All Overman' via https://sliptrickrecords.com/overman/ on September 5th, 2023. Rock on! 🤘