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PatriarcH Unleashes "Demonic Heart" - A Thrash Metal Triumph
PatriarcH - Deadlocked

Prepare yourselves, metalheads, because the long-awaited moment is finally here! PatriarcH, the venerable masters of metal, are back with a vengeance, ready to deliver their heaviest and most audacious masterpiece yet – "Demonic Heart". It's a triumphant return that promises to redefine the very essence of Thrash and Progressive Metal.
"Demonic Heart" isn't just an album; it's a thunderous sonic assault, featuring nine dynamic and relentless tracks that will leave you on the edge of your seat. PatriarcH's sound has evolved, grown, and matured, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the world of metal. Get ready to be captivated by this highly anticipated release!
The creation of "Demonic Heart" wasn't without its trials and tribulations. The worldwide pandemic forced the band to adapt and overcome, and they did so with remarkable determination. With unexpected downtime, PatriarcH took matters into their own hands, seizing full control of the album's production. Three years of tireless work at the "All the Way Down" studio have resulted in a polished and powerful sonic experience that's bound to blow your mind. Mark your calendars, because the digital release date for "Demonic Heart" is September 15th, 2023.
Let's dive into the tracklist and get a taste of what's in store:
Blindfolded Nation
Watch Us, Feed Us, Control Us
Demonic Heart
Freed From Execution
Words Unspoken
Barely Alive, Far From Dead
In the Cold Hands of Time
PatriarcH's history is as rich and enduring as their music. Born in the fires of February 1983 as Pariah, the band faced challenges due to the existence of other groups with the same name. Undeterred, they rebranded themselves as PatriarcH in March 1988. Their journey led them to sign with Shark Records, culminating in the release of their debut album, "Prophecy," in December 1990.
Over the years, PatriarcH underwent lineup changes while recording demos and singles, showcasing their ever-evolving sound. In 2019, they welcomed the powerhouse Mario Cesar as their new vocalist, breathing new life into the band. Together, they released a demo featuring three incredible new songs. Despite the relentless challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, PatriarcH's indomitable spirit prevailed, and they completed the recording of "Demonic Heart," setting the stage for their worldwide release in partnership with Wormholedeath Records.
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With "Demonic Heart", PatriarcH is back, and they're ready to rock your world like never before! Don't miss out on this metal extravaganza!