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German Female Fronted Melodic Metal Marvels Silent Revenants Signs With Wormholedeath
Prepare to be hooked by the gripping melodies and powerful symphonies of German female-fronted melodic metal powerhouse, Silent Revenants, as they embark on a thrilling new chapter. The band is thrilled to announce their signing with Wormholedeath for their highly anticipated album, "The Withering Of The Blue Flower", set to be released on October 13th, 2023.
Silent Revenants, a six-headed musical marvel, has been captivating audiences since their inception in 2015. With a vision to intertwine orchestral melodies with crunchy guitars, groovy drums, and a mesmerizing voice, they quickly rose to prominence.
Their debut album, "Walk with Fire," garnered massive support through a successful crowdfunding campaign, leaving fans eager for more. Silent Revenants then had the honor of supporting "Fields of the Nephilim" during their exclusive German club concert, solidifying their position as an up-and-coming force in the metal scene.
Now, the time has come for Silent Revenants to showcase their evolution and innovation with "The Withering Of The Blue Flower." This forthcoming album is a musical journey like no other, encompassing diverse influences from orchestral arrangements to folky tunes and even touches of jazz on one track. Never compromising their distinctive style, they have delved into deeper themes, exploring melancholy, philosophy, and occasional social criticism, all while leaving space for personal introspection.
Speaking about their partnership with Wormholedeath, the band expressed immense honor and excitement. "It is a great honor for us to be a part of the Wormholedeath family now," they stated. "We are looking forward to our time together and are curious and excited about the collaboration. We would like to take this occasion to thank Wormholedeath Records for their trust in us and our music. We are looking forward to the upcoming journey and we are sure to have found a strong partner in Wormholedeath Records, who knows how to bring our unique and passionate music to you, no matter where you are. Let’s get this journey started."
"The Withering Of The Blue Flower" not only reflects the band's musical maturity and evolution but also marks a significant milestone in the Silent Revenants' extraordinary journey. The album promises to immerse listeners in a world of sonic wonders, combining their unmistakable sound with an array of influences, leaving no doubt that Silent Revenants is a force to be reckoned with.
Denise Schlahn |Vocals, Bagpipes, Whistles
Elora Dönnebrink |Violin
Marina Grave |Keys
Julian Kirschbaum |Guitars, Backing Vocals
Hermann Remmers |Bass, Growls
Julien Buchholz |Drums
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Join the fascinating journey now with the official music video for "Let the Dragons Fly Forever":

"Withering Of The Blue Flower" Tracklist:
The Withering Of The Blue Flower
Searching For Eden
Flesh Golem
Storm Witches
Let The Dragons Fly Forever
Orphaned Angels
Check out Silent Revenants, cause their music will take you above the clouds to see the clear progressive blue-hued horizon of orchestral movements – it's breathtaking!