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Israeli Thrashers Sinnery Raise Hell with "Below the Summit" EP and "An Ode" Video
Prepare to have your ears pummeled and your neck muscles tested because Israeli thrash titans SINNERY are back, and they're armed to the teeth with a brand new EP that's set to decimate everything in its path. "Below the Summit" is poised to drop on September 29th via Exitus Stratagem Records, and it's packing enough thrash firepower to make your head spin faster than a Slayer riff.
But that's not all, my fellow metalheads! SINNERY is not content with just assaulting your auditory senses; they're also hitting the road for a UK tour with Sworn Amongst, followed by a performance at the Metal Gates Festival in Romania alongside heavyweights like Katatonia, Rotting Christ, and Shores of Null. So, prepare for a thrash-infused mosh pit extravaganza of epic proportions!

Now, let's talk about the EP's lead single, "An Ode". This blistering track showcases everything that SINNERY stands for—blistering guitar solos, thunderous drumming, and vocals that could peel paint off the walls. But here's the twist: it's also more melodic than your grandma's apple pie recipe. With its thrashy punches and an infectious chorus, "An Ode" is a merciless onslaught of sonic mayhem that's as catchy as it is heavy.
The band themselves describe it as a song that explores the real-life experience of not feeling worthy in a romantic relationship due to self-interest. Who knew thrash metal could get so introspective? But that's the magic of SINNERY; they don't just deliver relentless brutality; they also serve up lyrical depth and emotional resonance.
And if that's not enough to get your head banging, the EP as a whole promises to be a thrash metal masterpiece. According to the band, "Below the Summit" was a labor of love, with songs that were truly bled out during the writing process. From catchy choruses that'll stick in your head like shrapnel to heavier sections than they've ever explored before, SINNERY believes this is their most complete work yet.
Recommended for fans of Trivium, The Haunted, and Sylosis, "Below the Summit" is set to be a thrash metal tour de force that you won't want to miss.

But enough reading about it; it's time to experience the madness for yourself. Check out the music video for "An Ode" on YouTube and get a taste of the thrash apocalypse that SINNERY is bringing your way. And don't forget to add it to your playlists on all major digital platforms.
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So, mark your calendars, metalheads! "Below the Summit" is primed to strike on September 29, 2023, via Exitus Stratagem Records. Until then, crank up the volume, throw up those horns, and get ready to unleash your inner thrasher with SINNERY.
For more sonic devastation from SINNERY, keep tabs on them through, Facebook, and Instagram. They're a force to be reckoned with, and they're coming for your speakers.
In the immortal words of Metallica, "Seek and destroy". And with SINNERY's "Below the Summit," you'll do just that. Thrash on, my friends!