Slaamaskin - "Trollveggen"


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Slaamaskin: Unleash the Nordic Metal Storm with "Trollveggen"!
Hold onto your viking helmets and brace yourselves for a metal onslaught from the land of fjords, trolls, and more darkness than you can shake a sacrificial goat at. Slaamaskin, the Norwegian maestros of mayhem, have just detonated their third album, "Trollveggen," on September 14th, 2023. While you may have missed the initial shockwave, it's never too late to join the musical journey through the heart of the Nordic metal scene!
Now, let me tell you, Slaamaskin isn't your typical metal band. They're like a sonic viking raiding party, pillaging genre conventions and plundering the depths of your eardrums. "Trollveggen" is a glorious fusion of metal, hardcore, metalcore, and alt-metal crossover, all wrapped up in the distinct soundscape of Norway's Sunnmøre dialect – think hard consonants, rolling R's, and enough Norse mythology references to make Odin himself raise an eyebrow.
Born out of the chaos and turmoil of the COVID era, this album started as a humble EP but grew into a full-blown metal beast. With expert tweaks and edits, each of the ten tracks emerged stronger than ever, resonating with Slaamaskin's raw energy and intensity.
From the get-go, "Trollveggen" takes no prisoners. The first single, "Forfall," came complete with a stop-motion lyric video that was more captivating than a berserker's rage. Then there's "Krenkeveldet", a track that hit you like a lightning bolt on release day, with a high-definition live video that's sure to melt faces and blow minds.
But it's not just about face-melting riffs and guttural growls. Slaamaskin's lyrics are a satirical take on the state of modern Western society, complete with an understanding of today's echo chambers and cancel cultures. It's wisdom forged in the fires of experience, and it's as sharp as Mjölnir's edge.
Let's not forget the lineup – Rolf Oldeide on vocals, Jostein Henanger on drums, Arvid Grov on bass, and Kåre Helleve and Jan-Helge Bergesen shredding on guitars. These guys are like the Aesir and Vanir of metal, wielding their instruments like divine weapons.
They teamed up with studio prodigy Dag Erik Nygård at Bergen Lydstudio for mixing, mastering, and engineering. Drums were captured at The Tune Park Studio in Bergen, while strings and vocals were recorded at Bergen Lydstudio. It's a testament to their dedication, resilience, and the unyielding desire to challenge genre boundaries.
So, even if you missed the initial storm, don't fret! "Trollveggen" descended upon the mortal realm on September 14th, 2023, under the banner of 'A Production'. You can still feast your ears on it through all digital platforms and snag a limited-edition black vinyl (180gr) from select stores since September 7th.
So, metal warriors, gear up for the "Trollveggen" onslaught and prepare for a musical journey that'll make your inner Viking raise its horns! 🤘