State of Mind

Remember, it was released in 2021:

A Stāte øf Mīnd Unleashes a Heavy Metal "State of Mind" with their Self-Titled E.P.
A Stāte øf Mīnd - Nightmare
Ahoy, metalheads and headbangers of the world, gather 'round, for I've got a gem from the molten core of the metal universe to introduce to you. Brace yourselves, for State Of Mind (SOM) is here to shatter your eardrums and ignite your passion for true heavy metal! These guys are on a mission to unleash the fury and emotion of their "State of Mind", and believe me, you're in for a ride.
State Of Mind
Back in the ancient year of 1994, when the world was still trying to figure out how to handle flannel shirts and grunge, four friends decided it was time to rock the world. They christened themselves State Of Mind because, to them, music is more than just sound; it's a transcendent "State of Mind". They drew their inspiration from the gods of old school metal - the likes of Ronnie James Dio, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Led Zeppelin, and more. You can almost hear the thunderous riffs and soaring vocals already, can't you?
Their music, ladies and gentlemen, hits harder than Thor's hammer on a Friday night. It's what they call "New Classic Metal", a genre infused with the raw power and charisma of their influences. These guys don't just play music; they wield it like a weapon, carving their path through the sonic wilderness.
Now, what sets State Of Mind apart from the pack is not just their musical prowess but the depth of their lyrics. Their songs are a window into the human psyche, exploring the "State of Mind" in various situations. It's a cathartic release, a way to channel those intense emotions without resorting to the darker temptations of life. Sadly, the band has faced the harsh reality of addiction, losing two of their own, Scott and Brett, along the way. Their memory lives on in the music, a testament to the power of art in healing.
State Of Mind Album:
Their journey began in 1995 with a self-titled cassette recorded on the only ADAT machine in their area. Fast forward to 2019, they dropped their latest album along with a music video that's as electric as a lightning strike. And guess what, they're not done yet! State Of Mind is cooking up a storm for their second album, aptly titled "Shattered". Brace yourself for another auditory assault, my friends.
But hey, enough of my blabbering. You want to dive into their world of sound, right? Well, you're in luck because State Of Mind is on Spotify, ready to transport you to a "State of Mind" you've never experienced before.
Dive into their music, experience their "State of Mind", and prepare to be forever changed. Remember, in the world of heavy metal, resistance is futile, and surrendering to the riff is the only way to salvation. Horns up, metalheads! \m/
PS: No eardrums were harmed in the making of this article. Side effects may include excessive headbanging, air guitar playing, and a sudden urge to grow your hair long.