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TakaLaiton's "Do or Die" Drum Fury: A Thrashy Mindfection!
Finnish metal warriors TakaLaiton have been cooking up a storm, and they're ready to serve it piping hot! With their latest album, "Mindfection", dropping like a metallic hammer, these guys are all about "Do or Die". And if you're wondering what that means, hold on tight because we've got all the thrashy details.
First things first, if you haven't heard of TakaLaiton, let's get you acquainted. Hailing from Finland's frigid north, these folks bring a melodic groove thrash attitude that's best experienced live, where fans often leave with sore necks and moshpit-induced bruises. Picture this: fast-paced energy meets bone-crushing groove, topped with melodies inspired by the dark, depressing, and downright frosty north – it's a metal cocktail you won't soon forget.
Now, onto their latest release, "Mindfection". The album's name alone is intriguing, right? Well, it's based on today's society, where people do just about anything for a few minutes of fame. The band's not thrilled about it, and honestly, neither are we. But hey, that's where their fiery music comes in.
With a "break the rules, exceed all limits" approach, TakaLaiton is ready to unleash the thrash beast. They've even won a National Music Contest in Finland called "Heavy Metal Heart 11," so you know they mean business. Their 2019 double EP "SisuKastraatio I & II" paved the way, and now, in 2023, "Mindfection" is here to crush everything in its path.
The band's excited about the album release and the fact that it's coming through Rockshots Records. They put everything they had into it, and with producer Teemu Aalto onboard, the result is nothing short of magnificent. It's got that classic TakaLaiton sound – crushing, raging, and sprinkled with those heartwarming melodies their fans adore.
But wait, there's more! TakaLaiton isn't just about music; they've got visuals too. You can check out their music videos for "Rip N' Burn" and "Get What You Asked For." Trust us; it's a visual and auditory assault you won't want to miss.
So, are you ready to take a dive into the Finnish metal abyss with "Mindfection"? If the answer is yes (and it should be), you can snag your copy at the following links:
And here's a little sneak peek at the tracklist:
Rip 'n Burn - 3:20
Do or Die - 3:35
Get What You Asked For - 4:25
Hopeareunus - 4:45
Ambassador of Revenge - 3:00
Mies Miestä Vastaan - 4:21
Reborn - 3:47
Arkajalka - 3:01
Destination... Termination - 4:27
Mindfection - 7:02
With a total runtime of 41 minutes and 47 seconds, this album is packed with metal goodness that'll leave you craving for more.
For the latest updates, head over to Rockshots.eu and check out TakaLaiton's official website at Takalaiton.wixsite.com/takalaiton
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So, metalheads, are you ready to let TakaLaiton infect your mind with some mind-blowing metal? "Mindfection" is here to stay, and it's ready to make its mark on the world. Get ready to thrash, mosh, and headbang your way into the abyss of Finnish metal mastery! \m/