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Caedeous Summons the Abyss with New Video "Obscura Ascensionis"
Prepare to be entranced, fellow metalheads, for the sonic sorcery of CAEDEOUS has returned with a vengeance! Fresh off the unholy release of "Malum Supplicium", the Portuguese metal conjurers have conjured a new visual incantation for the track "Obscura Ascensionis". Buckle up, because this is a hellish ride you won't want to miss.
"Malum Supplicium" landed in our mortal realm back in May, and it's a revelation that would make any dark lord proud. CAEDEOUS has a knack for melding extreme, symphonic, and black metal into a cacophony that's both terrifying and beautiful. Picture a sonic potion brewed by the mad scientist of metal, and you're close to the mark.
To appease the restless souls of metal fans, this album comes in a double CD edition, and it's not your ordinary double dip. You'll find both the metallic version and an orchestral reinterpretation of all the tracks. It's like getting a front-row seat to an otherworldly symphony of doom.
But what's even more exciting is the unveiling of the "Obscura Ascensionis" video. This visual masterpiece, a reflection of the metallic version, is your portal to a world where darkness and beauty entwine in a dance of cosmic proportions. Dive headfirst into the abyss, for the band beckons you to experience the twisted sounds and mesmerizing visuals of this new offering.
Watch "Obscura Ascensionis" Here:
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Prepare for a journey through the realms of sonic chaos and visual madness. CAEDEOUS has summoned a storm of darkness, and it's time for you to become one with the tempest. Whether you're an acolyte of their sinister sounds or a curious soul looking for something new, "Malum Supplicium" and "Obscura Ascensionis" will be your gateway to metal ecstasy. Embrace the darkness, for it is here to stay. 🤘