Columbarium - "The Morbidious One"

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Columbarium Unleashes Belgian Doom: "The Morbidious One" Strikes Like a Sludgy Avalanche!
Ladies and gentlemen of the riff-worshipping congregation, gather round and heed the call of the underworld because the Belgian doomlords, Columbarium, are here to drown you in waves of heavy, soul-crushing soundscapes with their latest offering, "The Morbidious One". This isn't just music; it's a full-fledged sonic baptism into the murky waters of doom!

Formed in the heart of Belgium in 2021, Columbarium is no mere newcomer to the doom scene. These riff-hungry miscreants have been lurking in the shadows for over a decade, playing nearly a hundred gigs across Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. They've shared the stage with titans like The Gates Of Slumber, Nekromant, Marche Funèbre, Serpent Venom, and more. But these guys aren't just doom enthusiasts; they're doom veterans!
The band's rebirth was marked by the addition of Koen Biesbrouck, a guitar and keyboard wizard formerly from the avant-garde instrumental band Locus Control. This newfound sonic horizon became the cornerstone for Columbarium's resurrection. They joined forces with Belgian producer Lander Cluyse from Hearse Studio (known for his work with Amenra and Aborted) and Brad Boatright from AudioSiege Mastering Studio (based in the US/Portland, having worked with Monolord and Pigdestroyer, to name a few). Together, they unearthed the sound Columbarium had always sought—a dark and menacing symphony hidden in the Flemish clay.
The band's journey since the resurrection has been nothing short of epic. Their first gig in September 2021, opening for funeral doom band FAAL, was a sold-out spectacle at the legendary underground club, Little Devil, in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It was like witnessing the birth of a sonic behemoth in an intimate, smoky den.
To give fans a taste of their dark offerings, Columbarium independently released a lyric video for "Rivers Of Blood" in December 2021. The world took notice, and it wasn't long before Belgian independent label Dust & Bones Records came knocking. It was a match made in doom heaven, and they released a single featuring the title track "Rivers Of Blood" and the not-so-"B-side" track "Save Our Children" in May 2022. This was just a glimpse of the monstrous doom beast that would follow.
Fast forward to 2023, and Columbarium has bestowed upon us their first full-length album, "The Morbidious One". This monstrous opus emerged from the womb of creativity between April and July 2022 and received its final blessings in February 2023, thanks to Lander Cluyse from Hearse Studio.

Now, to make things even more exciting, Columbarium has been adopted by Italy's venerable Argonauta Records, a label that specializes in stoner, doom, and sludge. This union means that "The Morbidious One" will be delivered to our ears in all its vinyl, CD, and digital glory, with promotion through Grand Sounds and distribution via PIAS in Europe and the US. It's like the doom gods themselves have ordained this partnership!
So, dear metalheads, if you find solace in the shadowy realms of doom, if riffs as heavy as a planet's gravitational pull send shivers down your spine, then Columbarium's "The Morbidious One" is your doom-laden sermon. It's a reminder that Belgian doom is very much alive, and Columbarium is its chosen vessel. Brace yourselves; the morbidious one cometh!
Columbarium is:
Koen Biesbrouck: Guitars & Keys
Marc ‘Markie’ Vangheluwe: Guitars
Vincent ‘Mille’ Millecam: Drums
Pete Jules V.: Bass & Vox
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