Matt Matteo - "Papier Froissé"


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Matt Matteo Unleashes "Papier Froissé" EP: Where Rock Meets Celestial Duets
It's time to prepare for an auditory journey that'll leave you in awe. Matt Matteo, the wizard of rock from the Francilien land, has conjured "Papier Froissé," an EP that dropped on October 13, and it's a revelation that's about to rock your world.
But hold onto your leather-studded hats, because this EP isn't your run-of-the-mill rock offering. No, sir. It's a celestial duet between Matt Matteo and two esteemed guests, Sylvie Filloux and Louis Svitek (Renowned guitarist). We've got actors and rock luminaries joining forces here, and the result is nothing short of magical.
Let's talk about Sylvie Filloux, the actress known for her roles in hit series like "Demain nous appartient," "Astrid et Raphaelle," and "Le remplaçant." She's stepping into the world of music with Matt Matteo by her side. It's like a crossover episode between your favorite TV show and the most stimulating concert you've ever seen.
Now, let's focus on the man of the hour, Matt Matteo. He's been making waves in the music world, and he's not stopping anytime soon. In 2023, he held the coveted first position on the Top Tonic charts. Even Pierre, the legendary former host of "Bring The Noise," couldn't resist his charms.
Matt Matteo's prowess earned him a premiere spot on EUROPE 2's "Happy Rock Hour." This rock magician has cast a spell on over fifty local and web radios, spreading his musical sorcery far and wide.
Matt Matteo's journey reads like a rock and roll fairy tale. From a young age, he received encouragement from none other than Dave Grohl himself, backstage at a festival. His adventures took him to Los Angeles, where he rehearsed with Blind Melon and Dave Krusen, the ex-Pearl Jam legend who made a cameo appearance. He even jammed in Chicago with the mighty Louis Svitek, formerly of Ministry. There's no denying that Matt Matteo has lived a rockstar's dream, and now, he's sharing it with all of us.
This EP is a testament to Matt Matteo's musical prowess and his never-ending rock and roll saga. It's predominantly in French, and it's where the voice rips through the airwaves like a banshee and the guitar serves as a lifeline to the heavens. From the very syllables of his name to its near-repetition, Matt Matteo was always destined for a life of rock and roll, and it's evident in every chord he strikes.
So, if you're ready to embark on a celestial rock odyssey, follow the chords, and immerse yourself in the world of Matt Matteo and his remarkable guests. The "Papier Froissé" EP is your ticket to a journey that transcends the realms of music and the cosmos. Rock on, fellow metalheads, and brace yourselves for an experience like no other!