Raining Nails - "Human Deeds"


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Raining Nails Unleash 'Human Deeds' - A Symphony of Metal Mastery!
Metalheads, hold onto your battle axes and prepare for a symphonic metal spectacle like no other! Italy's Raining Nails have descended from the heavens to grace us with their debut album, "Human Deeds". Featuring members from bands like Eternal Silence, Fallen Arise, Oracle Sun, and Sound Storm, you know this is no ordinary metal affair.
This auditory onslaught boasts ten tracks of pure, symphonic-influenced heavy metal goodness, ready to melt your face and serenade your soul. Released on October 27th via Rockshots Records, it's time to dive headfirst into the metal whirlwind. Click on bit.ly/HumanDeedsCD to join the sonic journey!
To mark this monumental release, Raining Nails has unveiled their enchanting music video, "Queen of Thorns". It's a track that'll lure you into a mystical realm, drawing you deep into its embrace and making you forget the mundane world. Bassist Massimiliano Flak explains it best: "This song evokes deep, strong, and conflicting sensations and feelings, sharp and blurred images that intertwine into a unique and unrepeatable cocktail. I think, above all else, this is the reason why we chose it as a single".
Don't miss out on this mesmerizing experience—watch "Queen of Thorns" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DhuRV7meOI
"Human Deeds" was crafted with love, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the talented bassist Massimiliano Flak at Evolution Recording Studios in Turin, Italy. The album's artwork and booklet are a creation of Caio Caldas, based on a concept from the band. The lyrical prowess behind these metal anthems comes from Alessia Scolletti, with additional contributions on "Anthem" by Marika Vanni and "Close To You" by Massimiliano Flak.
The band's message is clear: this album is a glimpse into the chaos of our world but also holds a beacon of hope for the future. Their artwork tells the story, a tale of light amidst the darkness. With a debut album, there's no certainty, but one thing's for sure, "Human Deeds" transcends genres, and its power can reach even those not typically tuned into metal.
The mission behind Raining Nails is to shake your hearts and punch your heads with their music. What better way to achieve this than with the unrelenting force of heavy metal?
If you're a fan of Battle Beast, Powerwolf, or Kamelot, this album is your next obsession. Dive deep into "Human Deeds" and experience a sonic journey like no other.
For a sneak peek into their magic, check out the lyric video for "Anthem" at https://youtu.be/GT09Y9EfN7c ​, and find them on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/intl-fr/album/6DGAz6n6XsfiBCZgePb158?si=GEpCnbTvTB6GYRbMoVGf9A&nd=1
Track Listing:
A New Way To Walk On - 4:22
Chained - 4:36
Every Angel Has Its Demon - 4:17
Queen Of Thorns - 3:59
Headcrusher - 4:21
Close To You - 4:56
Not Strong Enough - 4:28
Anthem - 4:21
Refuge - 3:54
Rage Of Justice - 5:20
Raining Nails lineup:
Marika Vanni: Vocals
Giacomo Paradiso: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Massimiliano Flak: Bass
Mattia Rubino: Drums
Keep the metal flame alive and join Raining Nails on their epic journey. For more info, visit https://www.rockshots.eu/ , https://www.rainingnails.it/ , Facebook.com/rainingnails or Instagram.com/rainingnailsband/