Sinnery - "Below the Summit"


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Israel's Sinnery Unleashes a Thrash Inferno with "Below the Summit"
Sinnery - Somber

Alright, metalheads, tighten those leather belts and get ready to dive headfirst into the fiery pits of thrash metal mayhem! Israel's Sinnery is back in the game, and they're about to rip your eardrums to shreds with their scorching new EP, "Below the Summit" via Exitus Stratagem Records.
Remember when the Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax) ruled the world of Thrash Metal. Well, Sinnery are here to bring that overwhelming and striking spirit back with a modern twist.” Below the Summit" picks up where their 2022 album, "Black Bile", left off, and it’s a relentless journey through the annals of thrash metal history.

"Below the Summit" is a thrash chaos tornado that will make your speakers explode with joy. It's fast, ferocious, and unapologetically heavy. The EP is a testament to Sinnery's unyielding dedication to the genre, featuring searing guitar work, pummeling basslines, and vocals that slice through the chaos like a well-sharpened blade.
The titles of this EP will hit you like a mass in the chest. The lyrics reflect the strange times we live in, exploring themes of self-realization, human emotions and the madness of the world. It is a raw and authentic experience of such intensity that will leave you breathless.

Sinnery has a new drummer in the ranks, Liam Fine, who has not only written and recorded on the EP but also learned the band's older material in just four months. Talk about a baptism by fire! Liam's dedication is a testament to Sinnery's ethos of all-out thrash assault.
The artwork for "Below the Summit" is a nod to Japanese art, specifically "Thunderstorm Beneath The Summit" by legendary artist Katsushika Hokusai. It's a fitting visual representation of the sonic storm you're about to experience.
If you're a fan of bands like Sylosis, Metallica, and Power Trip, Sinnery is here to scratch that thrash itch you've been harboring. With their unrelenting energy and grizzled edge, they're ready to take on the world and leave a trail of melted faces in their wake.
"Below the Summit" is out today... Don’t miss this exceptional Thrash experience. You can buy the EP on vinyl or CD via Exitus Stratagem Records.

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Get ready to fight like there’s no tomorrow, cause Sinnery’s about to unleash hell, and you’re in the front row! 🤘