Under The Oak - "Loyal to the Core" from the "Rattus Norvegicus" Album


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Under The Oak Drops New Thunderous Anthem "Loyal to the Core" from the "Rattus Norvegicus" Album

Are you ready to headbang to the relentless sounds of Norse metal? Look no further, my fellow metalheads, because UNDER THE OAK is here to blow your eardrums out! They've just unleashed their track "Loyal to the Core" from their ferocious album "Rattus Norvegicus," which is tearing through the metal scene via Wormholedeath worldwide!
The new album "Rattus Norvegicus" is an auditory assault you won't want to miss. The heavy-hitting riffs, pounding drums, and intense vocals are here to remind us that metal isn't just music; it's a way of life. "Rattus Norvegicus" is a glorious offering to the metal gods that will make you headbang till you can't headbang anymore.
Meet the Masters of Mayhem:
UNDER THE OAK hails from the land of fjords and forests, Norway, where the heavy metal spirit runs through their veins like a never-ending river of molten steel. With one foot planted firmly in the sacred realm of Thrash Metal and the other in the hallowed ground of old-school Heavy Metal, these Norwegians are determined to melt your face off with their blistering tunes.
The band is a musical powerhouse, boasting the talents of:
- Jostein on vocals (previously of Fury and Testimony)
- Marius behind the drums (formerly of Terrazone and Mecalimb)
- Hillbilly Bill shredding on bass (previously of Excelsis and Dressed to Kiss, and currently jamming with Rövballebandet and Nostalgic Groove)
- Thomas Bolverk wielding the guitars (a veteran of Darkness, Black Currant, Images at Twilight, Ragnarok, and now rocking out with the Venom tribute band Welcome to Hell and the Extreme Metal act, BOLVERK:))
This powerhouse lineup is set to unleash mayhem, metal, and unadulterated madness upon your ears.
"Loyal to the Core" isn't just another metal track; it's a battle cry for the devoted. It's an anthem for those who live, breathe, and bleed metal. The track is a relentless barrage of sound, reminiscent of the greats of the metal world.
It's a powerful reminder that metal isn't just a genre; it's a way of life. And these Norse warriors are standing strong and united, loyal to the core of their metal souls.
"Rattus Norvegicus" is a call to arms for all metalheads out there. If you're ready to dive into the mosh pit, crank the volume to eleven, and unleash your inner beast, this album is your guiding light.
You can buy, stream, and immerse yourself in the unyielding power of "Rattus Norvegicus" here: https://orcd.co/rattusnorvegicus
Metal is Alive and Well:
UNDER THE OAK is proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that metal is alive and well. The spirit of metal is more potent than ever, and it's roaring from the heart of Norway, ready to conquer the world.
So, put on your battle jackets, raise your horns high, and prepare to be loyal to the core. UNDER THE OAK is leading the charge!
Stay tuned for more metal madness and follow UNDER THE OAK on their wild journey through the metal landscape.