Black 7 - "The 2nd Chapter"


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Black 7 Unveils "The 2nd Chapter" - A Recent Dive into Symphonic Darkness

Just a week ago, prepare to dive into the abyss of symphonic darkness as BLACK 7, the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Lars Totzke, dropped its highly anticipated second album, "The 2nd Chapter".
Track Listing:
For this moment
Tortured souls
Wide eruption
Breathing space
Break up
Above the sky
Light flow
Dark hope
Confused harmony
Building upon the success of their debut, "Look Inside", Totzke's solo venture embarks on a more profound, melodically dark journey. The album continues to boast compositions that intertwine dark, powerful, and symphonic elements in a mesmerizing instrumental experience, showcasing a significant evolution in Totzke's artistic expression.

Within "The 2nd Chapter," Totzke intricately weaves a tapestry of emotive and intense instrumentals. The album's technical brilliance merges with raw emotional resonance, immersing listeners in a sonic landscape painted with haunting guitar riffs, thunderous drum rhythms, and poignant piano passages. Symphonic layers add depth, guiding audiences through an emotive rollercoaster.
Despite the absence of lyrics, the album narrates a compelling story, inviting listeners into dark, evocative realms, capturing emotions and thoughts through peaks and valleys of sound.
BLACK 7 draws inspiration from legends like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, and a spectrum of influences, amalgamating a unique sonic universe. Totzke's growth shines brightly in this second opus, evident in its style, composition, and structure.

Embrace the recent release and immerse yourself in the sonic tapestry of "The 2nd Chapter" by BLACK 7, a testament to Totzke's recent artistic brilliance and an enigmatic journey through instrumental rock's emotive power. This album is a must for aficionados of dark, powerful, and symphonic music.