Damnationis - "The Fallen Princess"


Upcoming Release:

Damnationis Emerges From the Shadows with Wormholedeath Records!

Metz's mysterious sons, Damnationis, unveil their infernal union with Wormholedeath Records, marking the resurrection of their opus, "The Fallen Princess", slated for a reawakening on December 12, 2023.
Unveiling the Darkness: "The Fallen Princess" Reimagined
A haunting symphony intertwining Black and Symphonic Death Metal, "The Fallen Princess," captivates with melodic allure and Gothic resonance, beckoning listeners into realms of romance, morbidity, and esoteric enchantment.
From Abyss to Ascendancy: Damnationis' Odyssey
Born in 2018, Damnationis transcended traditional Black Metal, birthing a unique entity—Black Death Symphonic Metal. Their sonic odyssey draws inspiration from Gothic literature, mythology, and horror, securing their reign at DEAD HOUSE FEST and gracing stages alongside global legends like NEGATOR and AGATHODAIMON.
"The Fallen Princess": A Dark Elegance
Crafted at HAVOC Studio, this ten-track opus is a plunge into human psyche's darkest recesses. The cover art, a masterpiece by Damian Augustyniak, stands tall among collaborations with Metal giants like SLAYER and EXODUS.
The Dark Seduction Continues: "DARK SUCCUBUS"
Prepare for the sinister transformation of OZZY OSBOURNE's "OVER THE MOUNTAIN" into a Black Metal rhapsody titled "DARK SUCCUBUS." The cover art, a creation by the esteemed Heino Brand.
Onward to Conquest: Damnationis' International Assault
The Legion is set: Patrice Bresson (Vocals), Stéphane Leonardi, Jean-Philippe Piscione (Guitars), Adrien Martin (Bass), Jeremy Hubert (Drums), and Cyrielle Mantini (Keyboards), gearing to storm international stages across Europe!
Experience the Abyss: Dive into "The Fallen Princess" (Lyric Video)
Tracklist for "The Fallen Princess":
Melkor Melody
Satan’s Prophecy
Path to Hell
Robber of Dream
The Fallen Princess
God is the Devil
Echoe of Azathoth
As Damnationis stands at the brink of a new era, expect nothing short of a cataclysmic journey into the abyss, forging a symphony of darkness that resonates across the cosmos! 🤘