Fallen Utopia - "RUIN"


New Release:


Get ready to be annihilated by the Austrian death metal force, FALLEN UTOPIA, as they drop their latest auditory onslaught, "RUIN" on November 11, 2023! Brace yourselves, metalheads; this is not for the faint of heart.
Hailing from the dark corners of Carinthia, Austria, FALLEN UTOPIA explores the chilling theme of civilizations' downfall with their third full-length album. If you're a fan of bone-crushing death metal, this release is your golden ticket to a symphony of chaos.
Led by Daniel Haslauer's ferocious vocals, the lineup of Benjamin Knes (Guitar), Lukas Wald (Guitar), Maximilian Wald (Bass), and Maximilian Ehrlich (Drums) has crafted an album that's both a brutal assault and a captivating journey through the annals of history.
"RUIN" is not just an album; it's an experience, a sonic exploration of the rise and fall of empires. Recorded at Norbert Leitner in Vienna, this release promises to be a visceral encounter, blending the intensity of death metal with the band's artistic prowess.
To accompany the auditory chaos, FALLEN UTOPIA is dropping not one, not two, but four music videos! These visual masterpieces will plunge you even deeper into the band's dark and intricate narrative.
The album cover, a creation by Pierre-Alain D. from 3mmi Design, serves as a glimpse into the sonic abyss that awaits. For fans of Machine Head, Behemoth, and Kataklysm, "RUIN" is a must-add to your metal collection.
Join FALLEN UTOPIA on this journey of destruction and creation. From bar concerts to international stages, the band's evolution is evident in every thunderous note. "RUIN" is more than an album; it's a testament to the unstoppable force that is FALLEN UTOPIA.

Get ready for the storm. "RUIN" is coming, and FALLEN UTOPIA is leading the charge! 🤘💀