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Prepare your eardrums and buckle up, fellow metalheads! Lutharo, the relentless powerhouse of pure sonic adrenaline, has dropped a bombshell announcement that's shaking the very foundations of the metal cosmos.

Behold, the heavens shall open on March 15th, 2024, as Lutharo unleashes their much-awaited second full-length album, "Chasing Euphoria". A beast of emotion, this album has torn through their souls, extracting raw, unfiltered passion and intensity that'll sear your senses.
"Chasing Euphoria" isn't just an album—it's an emotional battleground where laughter, tears, and the sheer force of dedication converge. Brace yourselves, for when you plug into these tracks, you're embracing a piece of their very essence.
But hold your air guitars, for there's more! Lutharo, in a stroke of unrivaled metal mastery, unveils their latest single, "Time to Rise". This beast of a track isn't just music; it's an odyssey through uncharted emotional waters, delving into the abyss of inner child trauma and its adult repercussions. Brace for impact as layers of emotion, raw energy, and a profound message collide in a symphony of metal brilliance.
To fellow seekers of auditory enlightenment, mark your scrolls and make way to pre-order "Chasing Euphoria" through the portal of metal glory:

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