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Mean Green: Bringing the Heat with their Debut Album 'Mean Green'!

If you haven't already dived into the cataclysmic depths of Mean Green's debut self-titled album, you're about to be engulfed in a whirlwind of stoner doom madness! Released eight months ago on March 24, 2023, this album served as the band's inaugural foray into the realms of sludge, stoner, and doom metal, carving their niche with raw, stripped-down intensity.
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For those craving a smoky trip down memory lane, revisit Mean Green's inclusion in the Weedian comp that celebrated the hazy day of 4/20, 2023! The stoner's paradise awaits:

In case you missed the memo, Mean Green's powerhouse lineup consists of:
Jake Helms: Guitar, Vocals
Alex Wierback: Bass
James Matthews: Drums
Reilly Appert: Mixing, Mastering, Production
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Metalheads, relive the ferocity of Mean Green's debut as they continue to blaze their trail through the hallowed grounds of stoner doom metal!