Midjungards - "Last March"


Upcoming Release:

Midjungards: Unleashing Epic Metal Fury with "Last March"!

The metal realms are about to be rocked to their core as Finland's melodious maestros, Midjungards, announce the imminent release of their colossal new single and music video, "Last March", set to conquer the airwaves on November 24th, 2023. Brace yourselves for a sonic inferno drawn from their upcoming second album, "When Empires Fall", scheduled to detonate on January 26th, 2024, courtesy of the legendary Dark Trails Records.
EXCLUSIVE YouTube Premiere of "Last March": https://youtu.be/ciQ9leUJxLw

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Diving deep into the sonic tapestry of "When Empires Fall," Midjungards unleashes a ten-track odyssey that'll resonate through time itself:
The Last March
Chosen By The Gods
Stronger Than Hate and Love
When Empires Fall
Age Is A Number
In Dragon's Blood
The Ring
Father And Son
Written In The Heart
Crafted and honed by the musical juggernauts themselves, Midjungards boasts the trio of:
Toni Cano: Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Murilo Messer: Lead Guitar
Timmo Salakka: Drums
The saga of Midjungards traces back to 2006, where Toni Cano, the mastermind behind the band, immersed himself in the mystical annals of historical Goths. Armed with their ancient language and history, Cano forged the band's identity, setting the stage for a musical conquest.
Their debut, "From Scandza," released in March 2023, sent shockwaves through the metal community, propelling Midjungards onto stages in Finland, Estonia, and Spain, with a roaring performance at the esteemed "Rock Imperium" festival in Cartagena.
Now, brace yourselves for "When Empires Fall", a melodic amalgamation of thrash death metal, weaving lyrical tales inspired by the classic and medieval worlds of historical Goths.
Metalheads, mark your calendars! "Last March" heralds the advent of a sonic revolution, leading the charge for the mighty "When Empires Fall"! 🤘