Prison City Brigade - "Rough Skeletons"


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Prison City Brigade: Breaking Chains with "Rough Skeletons"

Eddie Cavanaugh launched a rebellion in 2013, birthing the epic saga of Prison City Brigade. This band isn't just music; it's a mantra for the wild ones, the rebels, and the beautifully broken. Their latest opus, "Rough Skeletons", is a rock revelation that'll rattle your bones.
With their debut EP, "The Corner Of Debauchery and Nowhere", hitting airwaves in 2015, Prison City Brigade set the Midwest ablaze. They stormed stages across Chicagoland and even rocked the legendary "Bowl Bash" at Skatopia in Ohio. Talk about breaking boundaries!
March 2017 marked the band's full-length album debut, "War On Boredom", a punk-fueled manifesto unleashing raw energy and punk spirit that echoed across the scene.
Fast forward to 2018, cue the entrance of lead guitarist Zach Roberts, bringing fiery riffs and melodic vocals. Their second album, "Trials Of Survival", won three "Radio Roach Awards" in 2018, sealing their legacy in Punk/Hardcore history.
"Failure By Design", their 2019 single, hinted at what was brewing in the studio. In 2020, the band dropped their most illustrious album yet, "Rough Skeletons", showcasing a mature, evolved sound, a far cry from their early days. This record is a journey, a genre-blending revelation that's more than just music, it's an experience.
Join the rebellion, dive into the sonic universe of Prison City Brigade! Add their tunes to your playlist and prepare for a musical odyssey that'll resonate with every rebel at heart.
Unchain your rebellious spirit with "Rough Skeletons", a musical rebellion that's the perfect symphony for every misfit, punk, and hardcore soul out there!