Unborn Prophecy - "Ancient Alchemy"


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Unborn Prophecy Unleashes "Ancient Alchemy" Strings Playthrough Video!

Prepare to be spellbound, metal aficionados! Unborn Prophecy, the heralds of apocalyptic melodies, have just dropped a strings playthrough video for their track "Ancient Alchemy," extracted straight from their seismic album "Waking Our Ancient Memories," unleashed via the legendary Wormholedeath.
Watch the Mystic String Mastery in 'Ancient Alchemy':

"Waking Our Ancient Memories" isn't just an album; it's a conceptual odyssey delving into the apocalyptic prophecies of ancient cultures, their mind-bending philosophies, and ancestral wisdom. Drawing from the primal roots of the band's aboriginal heritage, Unborn Prophecy crafts a sonic journey that fuses originality with the raw fury of nature.
Dive into the Ancient Memories:
Stream "Waking Our Ancient Memories" Album: orcd.co/wakingourancientmemories
In this groundbreaking album, Unborn Prophecy channels their sonic fury, drawing inspiration from technical and groove metal titans like Opeth, Obscura, Gojira, and Decapitated. Brace yourselves for an extreme sound that reverberates through your very core!
Join the prophecy and follow the trail of Unborn Prophecy through these mystical portals:
Metalheads, prepare to unlock the ancient secrets and let Unborn Prophecy lead you on a melodic voyage through the ages. It's not just music; it's an alchemical fusion of sound and prophecy! 🤘