Atlas : Empire - “God Is In The Rain”


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Atlas : Empire Unleashes Provocative Visuals in “God Is In The Rain” Music Video

Prepare for a storm of introspection as Atlas : Empire plunges into existential depths with their track “God Is In The Rain", extracted from the acclaimed album "Everything Is Temporary" under the global banner of Wormholedeath.
The song isn’t just a musical creation; it's a saga that almost slipped through the cracks, residing in unfinished limbo for a staggering 18 months. Jamie Sturt, the driving force behind the track, confessed that this song clung to him persistently—an ode to his journey of self-discovery after turning away from a lifetime of faith.
But hold on, the real thunderstorm arrives via the hands of videographer extraordinaire, Callum McMillan. His wizardry behind the lens brought Sturt's existential odyssey to life, metamorphosing through various visual motifs, color grading, location changes, and aspect ratio shifts, mirroring the evolution of perspectives. The climax? A grand, well-lit room sans projections, symbolizing liberation from the chains that shackle us.
Get ready to explore realms beyond sound. Dive into the multilayered world of Atlas : Empire, where music isn't just heard; it's felt, experienced, and deciphered.