Descent - "Far From Glory"


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Descent's "Far From Glory" EP: Metal's Resurgence & Raw Authenticity!

DESCENT's "Far From Glory" EP is not just music; it's a passionate return to the core of metal, where authenticity reigns supreme. This release, marking their bold resurgence, brings together the essence of classic techniques and a modern recording flair.
Their secret? Recording at Mike's humble abode, steering clear of studio manipulation, adding that gritty, real-world edge to their tunes. They've dived deep into the realms of music tech, handpicking Reaper as their software, ensuring a meticulous approach to equipment selection.
Drums? They let the human touch shine, embracing minimal editing and using sample blending to enrich the sound, bringing life to their beats. Guitars and bass add layers of intensity, while the vocals? Oh, the challenge! Layers upon layers, inward singing, all for that heart-stirring melodic depth.
Post-recording finesse came via the skilled hands at Skulltone Studios in Germany, where DESCENT's vision was polished, their sound elevated to a professional shine.
Mark your calendars—December 22, 2023—the digital release date for this musical voyage!
Tracklist for "Far From Glory" EP:
Suffered Reminders
Far from Glory
Paper Cut Throat
DESCENT's tale is one of rock 'n' roll brotherhood—a story that kicked off in their teenage years when Brian and Mike shared a passion for music. Influenced by legends like Metallica, Nirvana, Green Day, and 
The Offspring, they jammed, partied, and were one with the punk scene in Deep Ellum, Dallas.
Life took its twists, but in 2018, the DESCENT phoenix rose again! Mike rallied a talented lineup, shaping their path through loss and triumph. And their name? Inspired by a video game, DESCENT holds a charm of its own.
Today, with 'Metal' Mike Ames, Dylan Pike, Brian Knox, and Jamie Rodriguez, DESCENT is geared up to conquer music once more.
Prepare for the sonic tsunami—DESCENT is back, and they're hitting harder than ever!