Ellimist - Ellimist


Remember, this album was released in 2021

Ellimist's Debut Self-Titled Album: A Cosmic Metal Odyssey Unveiled on July 31, 2021

Ellimist - Father

Buckle up and get ready for a timeless journey through the cosmos as Ellimist's inaugural, self-titled album, launched on July 31, 2021, continues to reverberate across galaxies even in the cosmic realms of December 1, 2023. This album isn't just a relic from the past; it's an evergreen sonic saga that defies the constraints of time.
Crafted loosely around the legendary tale of the Ellimist, this album is a universe unto itself. It narrates the ascension of Toomin, spiraling beyond mortal confines to attain omnipotence—an odyssey that transcends the very fabric of reality. It's a modern progressive metal masterpiece, intertwining thunderous guitar work, vocals oscillating from brutal to celestial, and a cinematic immersion heightened by voiceovers and enthralling sound effects. This isn't just music; it's a teleportation device to an alternate universe.
Within this sonic cosmos, themes of colossal loss, self-discovery, celestial exploration, eternity, and the vast expanse of nothingness are artfully woven. Ellimist takes a familiar tale and breathes new life into it, creating an auditory experience that spans dimensions.
Led by Anthony Lewis on guitars, vocals, and arrangement, along side Justyn Fogarty as bassist and Ben Paden pounding the Percussion, this album was birthed in the hallowed halls of Danger Room Productions, guided by Matt Danger, and fine-tuned by the sorcerers at Kimura Recordings.
For those reveling in the cosmic symphonies of Devin Townsend, the cosmic power of Gojira, Revocation's technical prowess, Dream Theatre's mind-bending epics, Exist's labyrinthine sounds, or The Faceless' enigmatic allure—Ellimist's album is a celestial gem that continues to shine.
Album Tracklist: A Timeless Chronicle
The Equatorial High Crystal
Alien Civilizations
The Brilliant Loser
Menno's Hubris
Second Life
Deep Worms
The Blue Moon
The Final Game
Embark on the Cosmic Quest:
Disclaimer: Brace yourself for a cosmic ride. The temporal warp caused by this music transcends conventional timeframes, resonating across the ages.