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Hand Of Fate: Embracing Destiny in the Riffs!

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Back in 2018, Hand of Fate emerged from the cosmic shuffle, dealing a hand in the world of melodic rock/metal. Fast-forward to the present, and these rockers are still churning out electrifying tunes that echo the heartbeat of their genre!
From their 2018 inception, Hand of Fate has been on a sonic expedition, melding symphonic grandeur with the raw energy of metal. This band's journey has been like a fine wine, maturing into a powerhouse of unique sounds and soulful melodies.
Their debut album, "Messengers of Hope", dropped a few years back, planting its roots in the digital realms and physical CD collections. It's a testament to their musical prowess, capturing a moment in time that still resonates with fans today.
Flashback to 2019, and these rockstars graced the stage alongside Gus G at Mylos, Thessaloniki. That gig was a musical rendezvous that rocked the heavens!
After a hiatus that felt longer than a guitar solo, Hand of Fate is back in the game, cooking up fresh tunes and plotting their triumphant return to live performances. The hiatus might've been long, but the wait is about to pay off big time!
With Alexandra leading the charge on vocals, John shredding on lead guitar and programming, Tasos fueling the rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Sotos anchoring the bass, and Teo pounding the drums—this ensemble is a recipe for rock 'n' roll ecstasy.
Connect with these rock maestros on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Because Hand of Fate isn't just a band; it's a musical destiny waiting for you to dive into its timeless tunes!

The tale of Hand of Fate is one etched in the annals of melodic rock history. They've weathered the pauses and struck chords that resonate across time. Here's to the next chapter of their sonic saga! 🤘