Mean Green


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Mean Green Unleashes the Sonic Haze!

Hold onto your riff-loving hats, metalheads! Boone, North Carolina’s very own Mean Green has plunged into the abyss of stoner doom metal, gifting us a sludge-laden offering in their self-titled debut album!
The ritual begins on March 24, 2023, with Mean Green's firstborn—an entire anthology forged within the band's maiden year. They've crafted an opus that peels back the layers of sludge, stoner, and doom metal, delivering a raw, unfiltered auditory experience.
This album is a slow-burn saga; a freight train of sound chugging along with mammoth guitar tones, earth-shaking bass lines, skull-rattling percussion, and vocals that growl and echo through the stoner abyss.
Jake Helms (Guitar, Vocals), Alex Wierback (Bass), and James Matthews (Drums) form the core of this sonic alchemy. With Reilly Appert at the production helm, they've conjured an album that's bound to leave you under their spell.
Mean Green's debut is a stoner-doom revelation—a molten offering straight from the metal underworld that's both hypnotic and bone-crushingly heavy. It's a ride into the depths of riff-laden chaos that you won't soon forget! 🤘