Pontifex - "From the Pale Mist"


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Symphonic Black Metal Eruption: Pontifex Unleashes Debut Single "From the Pale Mist"

Metal comrades, hold onto your battle jackets because the dark symphonic lords from Orlando, Florida, Pontifex, have just hurled their debut single, "From the Pale Mist", into the maelstrom of metal chaos as of December 18, 2023!
This single serves as a dark prelude to their forthcoming album, slated to blast its way into our eardrums in the spring of 2024. Comprising Ashtin Duba, Kaleb Daniels, Dominique Leath, Deveron Christie, and Rosaly Piderit, Pontifex weaves a sonic tapestry that merges the haunting beauty of symphonic melodies with the unrelenting brutality of death and thrash metal.
Prepare yourselves for an auditory onslaught, courtesy of the rhythmic conjurations of drum virtuoso Mike Smith, the former powerhouse behind Death Metal titans Suffocation. His percussive prowess is set to shatter the boundaries of traditional black metal, creating a tempest of musical might.
For a sneak peek into the abyss of Pontifex's dark symphonic realm, head over to their spine-chilling single on YouTube. Brace your ears, for this auditory adventure isn't for the faint-hearted: https://youtu.be/srVAty5dWkc
But wait, fellow metalheads! Show your support for this rising force in the metal pantheon by grabbing hold of their sonic offering on their Bandcamp page: https://pontifex.bandcamp.com
Eager to stay connected to the dark, melodic echoes of Pontifex's journey? Follow their shadowy path through the realms of social media:
As a personal note, if you're craving a symphonic black metal revelation, Pontifex's debut single is the arcane elixir you've been thirsting for. With a haunting symphony set to collide with visceral aggression, their forthcoming album is poised to rewrite the black metal narrative. Stay tuned, Metal Legion – Pontifex is primed to reignite the infernal fires of the metal underworld.
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