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Scumfucks: Unleashing Mayhem with Debut Album "Scumfucks"

Hold onto your hats and tie down your furniture because Scumfucks just dropped their debut album, and it's set to shake the metal world! Straight out of Greece, this quartet has brought back that old-school rock’n’roll vibe that's been missing from the scene.
Titled "Scumfucks," this debut is a free-flowing eruption of heavy and old-school rock’n’roll that'll make you wonder why you've been missing this sound for so long. Recorded across studios in Thessaloniki, Greece, it’s a high-octane creation mixed and mastered by the band themselves.
Formed initially as a trio in 2016, Scumfucks saw their firepower magnified when Jim Sermon joined in 2018. These four musical geniuses from diverse backgrounds joined forces to conquer the world with their thunderous tunes.
The album's notes pay homage to the legends: Intruder nods to Son Of Man from Plasma, Not As Fast As… is a heartfelt tribute to Eddie Clarke, and 49% scum, 51% f*** is an ode to the one and only Lemmy Kilmister. Rat, a track on fire, is a special dedication to Phil Taylor.
The tracklist packs a punch, featuring:
The Haunt
Drinkin Alone Ain't Bad
Increased Chances
Not As Fast As...
49% scum, 51% f***
Ride To Be Alive
Scumfucks dropped their debut via Sliptrick Records on December 5th, 2023, and it’s already raising eyebrows (and volume levels) across the metal community.
Meet the Scumfucks:
Nick a.k.a. Goulthor – Guitars/Vocals
Sak a.k.a. Morgoth – Drums
Dim Gkavis – Bass
Jim Sermon – Guitars
Wanna be a part of the madness? Catch Scumfucks on Facebook and Youtube, and dive into the raucous mayhem unleashed by Sliptrick Records!
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